Healing- thank you

Hi Marion,
your treatment was successful! After approx. 45 min. my wife could stand up and walk several steps. She has almost no pain. Now, she is in bed, sleeping. Thank you for nice yesterday - and for fast healing today. I send you my really sincere regards …

Successful Exorcism

Dear Pavol and Slavka,

I just wanted to take time out to let you know that I made it back to B. without any hitches and to thank you in all your time and energy you have given me – not only in terms of the ritual but also all the treatments I have received since January 2014, which have played a huge part in my recovery.
I will keep in touch.

Best wishes,

Thankyou For The Spiritual Growth

Thankyou For The Spiritual Growth
Dear Mrs. Daghan-Malenky,

Thank you for your help and work in recent years. Without you I could not have resolved my situation so well.

Thank you for the spiritual growth and development (even though I came to you for other reasons. Today, I often think it should probably all be so).

I have seen many changes in myself that you have brought to me along the way.

Thanks for the deep certainty, faith, feeling that there is so much spiritual - to be open to it and to let it in.

I see it as a great asset in this time.

Best regards

He is Alive, Thank God

Hello Marion,
Thank for everything you have done for me. I hope that the perfume and rose quartz heart is to your liking.
Sincerely yours,


Hi Marion, you were right about Gerhard. I just talked with him. He is still weak and talking is a strain for him, but he is alive, Thank God. Yours Monica

Healing Thanks

I want to thank you for all of your work, which has helped me tremendously. Also for the way you listen to me and give me food for thought. I am sometimes confused, but I am much stronger than I was a year ago.

I Should Have Been Dead

I was just at the doctor and he said that everything is normal! I should actually have been dead for a few months now. They looked at me with such disbelief. I feel good again and not only good, but very good!
Thank you!