Dear Marion and Paul,

We would like to thank you again for an inspiring weekend with you and we are glad that we have received a new point of view on life which until then was unknown to us.

Thank you for you help, patience and support. Hopefully we will see each other again soon. I am glad that I could meet you personally and experience the atmosphere on my own.

We wish you all the best and send you our best regards


Faith and Trust

People often need explanation or also scientific evidence to understand things. But not only they are important, something precious lies between the explanation and understanding.

“Knowledge“ The most precious and most unbelievable things in life do not need explanation or scientific evidence.

They happen when faith and trust are present. The warmest regards to you.

D. B.

Life Coaching Meditation

Dear Marion,

I would like to thank you from all my heart. In the time when you take care of me and guard me, I get a lot of positive energy. I have chosen my way and reached a lot, today I myself work and do life counseling although it is on an Astroline I gain also experience in this way. I have two friends who I am just beginning a practice with to do the same things as you also do...it means to take people´s hands and help to find them the right way. What about my beloved it does not mean anything new, the only thing I feel is that he is looking for me and he will find me. Read More...