Common Success: Thank you!

Dear Pavol and Monika,

My compliments. Your power and might is incredible. Today I’ve heard V. She sold this year only things, which were coming through my hands!!! I know whose work is that;)). This is our common success. I intend to meditate and read further and I try to imagine my second half :-).

Nice evening, Majka

Many are called but few are chosen

Dear Mrs. Daghan-Malenky.
All the best, merry Christmas time and happy New Year for you, your team and your family are wishing Manfred ... and his wife.
During my life, that wasn´t easy, I have never experienced such hard times. Sudden inexplicable fear attacks, which lasted 5 months, determined my life. I came during this period into physical and psychical despair and capitulation. Illness made the situation even worse.
You heard my call for help and thank your "gift from heavens" you showed me the way back to the life.
It is said: "Many are called but few are chosen ", - for me, you belong to the second-ones. Please keep your protective hand on us and all other oppressed people.
With love your XY

Thanks from Canada

They said, year 2013 is a year of a shift, I would say coming across your website and know you; is a shift in my life, Mr. Pavol I want to express my deepest gratitude for all the support I am getting, you have opened my eyes to many things, although I am so far and we are still working on my wish to come true "which I feel we are getting very close J" but these past couple of months were a true life changing for me the conversation with you gives me inner peace your guidance, the continues support, introducing me to meditation, your books recommendation all these and the effect on me are beyond just saying THANK YOU! Not to forget dear Slavka her patient and support during our conversation, our meditation via phone is just amazing.
Bless you all!
my sincere gratitude
MS – Canada

Wonderful time together

Dear Marion,

Thank you for the wonderful time together.
Thank you, for teaching me how to react to many situations and human events with ease and lead to great things from them - And thank you for the patience and the power that you have shown me and the courage to achieve my goals.

Here is a saying which I came across and I think everything applies to this.

When you have learned
you make peace with the world,
to love all creation,
People love to all,
to love all animals,
to love all plants,
to love all
everything can be solved with love.
grace to practice what is right to yourself as well as to others.
then you're ready to become one with God.
Author unknown




Dear Marion and Paul,

We would like to thank you again for an inspiring weekend with you and we are glad that we have received a new point of view on life which until then was unknown to us.

Thank you for you help, patience and support. Hopefully we will see each other again soon. I am glad that I could meet you personally and experience the atmosphere on my own.

We wish you all the best and send you our best regards


Love Spells

Dear Marion,

We are together. T. and I love each other very deeply. My dream was fulfilled ...
I can tell you, dear Marion, that I cannot express in words my gratitude! It is just so wonderful to see what you have accomplished with your magical powers! New doors have been opened in my life. God sent me to you and I see, that he loves me and I have value in this world. You put so many thing in order. This feeling of glory is simply indescribable!

Many, many thanks for everything! You're an awesome person!

Best regards!


Faith and Trust

People often need explanation or also scientific evidence to understand things. But not only they are important, something precious lies between the explanation and understanding.

“Knowledge“ The most precious and most unbelievable things in life do not need explanation or scientific evidence.

They happen when faith and trust are present. The warmest regards to you.

D. B.

Life Coaching Meditation

Dear Marion,

I would like to thank you from all my heart. In the time when you take care of me and guard me, I get a lot of positive energy. I have chosen my way and reached a lot, today I myself work and do life counseling although it is on an Astroline I gain also experience in this way. I have two friends who I am just beginning a practice with to do the same things as you also do...it means to take people´s hands and help to find them the right way. What about my beloved it does not mean anything new, the only thing I feel is that he is looking for me and he will find me. Read More...

I Underestimated Your Power

Dear Marion, Good morning

From the bottom of my hear, please excuse me, I underestimated your power and its magnitude. My lack of faith and confidence have brought about this situation and I regret it very much. Now I am sitting here and my eyes are full of tears and I know I brought about this burden.

If I had kept my promise to you, really, it would have saved years, and a lot of awkwardness.

Everything could have been avoided if I had tried 100%. I was not really aware of the scope of things.

I know that this cannot be reversed and I will need some time to process it.


Thanks from Jeannine

Hi Marion,

So as not to forget, I wanted to write down what I experienced during our common meditation:

After I cleaned myslef the way you told me to, I closed my eyes and visualized you, and I could see you perfectly. You had on a white robe and you stood behind me. You put your hands over my head, I had many different images, my boss, colleague, my mother (foster mother) and my children... my head was open and gradually after the images were gone, and you were with me, I felt relief. You have given me your hands. Read More...