Help against black magic

Hi Pavol,

Hope you and Marion are well. I have been well from the time I came to see you and Marion. Thank you so much.
If possible, I would like to come and visit you sometime – in a well state.

Kind regards,

Thank you for your counsel

Thank you so much for your help
The pentagram ritual and the book
The four agreements had really struck a note in my head with clarity
I also the first night I used it had friendly trio of spirits cons to help me in dream
Wearing red scarves ??

You are so kind to help
Bless you xx

Protective magic- thank you message

Hi, sorry we have not skype on Tuesday, thank you so much, I am feeling better, the night and day things are starting to disappear. Thank you so much I am sorry for not understanding. God bless you.

Get rid of bad & disturbing energies

The client refers to the recommended performance the Small Pentagram Ritual and purification of energies at home.

Hey friend,

Excuse me for not getting back to you!….. In the matter of a week, I think less, these methods were able to help and get me to sleep and feel well again. I spoke with and still send love to the boy's spirit, he is happy and that's good to see. I can still feel the sights of the Mage if I turn my thoughts to him as well but I do well to let those thoughts past. I've been helping some other souls on a spiritual level since and now my soul feels the need to retire and only help if called upon by loved ones.

Thank you for your advise, if you have anymore I would be willing to read.

Thank you and take care,



Message after 3 weeks: Acctually i am feeling better now and i think i wont need your treatment within a week. I meditate daily and i think soon i will recover completely:D. Regards.

Message after 6 weeks: Hello Slavka.
I have to thank you very much for your concern. I feel like i have recovered completely from my issue :) and i can live much more happily:). I could asfar go and say that i won't need your ritual any longer ;).
Regards XY


Dear Marion,
after 4 years of suffering, you set me free from demons! I can again sleep, think and work. My gratitude for your protection is endless! God bless you! You are an angel on this earth! S.

Successful Exorcism

Dear Pavol and Slavka,

I just wanted to take time out to let you know that I made it back to B. without any hitches and to thank you in all your time and energy you have given me – not only in terms of the ritual but also all the treatments I have received since January 2014, which have played a huge part in my recovery.
I will keep in touch.

Best wishes,

Many thanks, England

Dear Pavol, Marion and Slavka.
I would like to say that things are so so much better than what they were. I sleep well at night. I am getting on with my life now. When no one else could identify what this was and therefore could not help me you have provided excellent guidance and help. I would like to thank you for such a quality service. I am extremely well: physically, emotionally and spiritually. My work to do with setting up a school is going well too. I look forward to speaking to you.
Kind regards and love

Many are called but few are chosen

Dear Mrs. Daghan-Malenky.
All the best, merry Christmas time and happy New Year for you, your team and your family are wishing Manfred ... and his wife.
During my life, that wasn´t easy, I have never experienced such hard times. Sudden inexplicable fear attacks, which lasted 5 months, determined my life. I came during this period into physical and psychical despair and capitulation. Illness made the situation even worse.
You heard my call for help and thank your "gift from heavens" you showed me the way back to the life.
It is said: "Many are called but few are chosen ", - for me, you belong to the second-ones. Please keep your protective hand on us and all other oppressed people.
With love your XY


first of all: I´m home, safe and sound!,

I have to write you, that today´s energy transfer appointment in your office was for me absolutely crazy. I had enough time to go inside me and to think during my 5 hour ride back home … and I have to say that I feel like newborn. My lethargy has gone completely. My energy is back, my will to fight, things to change…. it cannot be described. I know exactly what I want. And that also means I feel worthy in my own eyes (xy has definitely deserved to have a man who is worthy….and only this way goes the future with xy) I will start my sport program tomorrow, it will be good for me.
Since our appointment I feel I HAVE TO do that! Like there is nothing else what could be taken into consideration…. So, back to the meeting: today I travelled 990 Kilometers while the weather conditions weren´t the best, incl. 4 hours in darkness. Despite that I feel ok.

Thank you very much, Marion!!!!! I fell, there is more powers in you, than I´ve thought!,
May God bless you!

Love Phone Calls Support

Hello Dear Marion,

I wanted to ask you how you are doing. Hope you still remember me it has been such a long time. I was just thinking about our phone calls and how you supported me in my difficult times. I still have contact with I. Somehow she still is stuck in my head, but otherwise I am good. I see a lot has changed in your practice. All the best!

Thankyou For The Spiritual Growth

Thankyou For The Spiritual Growth
Dear Mrs. Daghan-Malenky,

Thank you for your help and work in recent years. Without you I could not have resolved my situation so well.

Thank you for the spiritual growth and development (even though I came to you for other reasons. Today, I often think it should probably all be so).

I have seen many changes in myself that you have brought to me along the way.

Thanks for the deep certainty, faith, feeling that there is so much spiritual - to be open to it and to let it in.

I see it as a great asset in this time.

Best regards

Thanks from Jeannine

Hi Marion,

So as not to forget, I wanted to write down what I experienced during our common meditation:

After I cleaned myslef the way you told me to, I closed my eyes and visualized you, and I could see you perfectly. You had on a white robe and you stood behind me. You put your hands over my head, I had many different images, my boss, colleague, my mother (foster mother) and my children... my head was open and gradually after the images were gone, and you were with me, I felt relief. You have given me your hands. Read More...

Thanks from H.


I want to say thank you, Thanks for your support and thank you for allowing me to find the way to you. I have embarked on a new journey, with your help, which I in such a short time I could have only dream of before. Even financially, things have started to pay off.

These results have reinforced my belief in your abilities and I am now convinced, that this is only the beginning on my way to financial independence. I am very glad to have found in you someone who is always there, who will always be there to stand by me in all of lifes situations. Recently, I did not know how things would go. Now I see clearly again and the sun is shining in my sky. My journey with you is far from over. I wish you only the best. With all my heart, thank you for everything.


Splitting Up

Good morning Marion,

I want to really thank you, it worked. We have separated harmoniously and without any conflict or stress. Thank you so much, you really are an angel. =)


I fully trust your great ability!

Dear Marion!
May God reward you abundantly with a long life and good health.I fully trust your great ability! I am very happy that you have been with me on this part of life's road. Thanks for your amazing help!!! Luise

Magic Amulet

Magic amulets give you power and courage!
(Mr. Mike Schaefer, The hero, thank you for letting us mention your name here.)
Mike has been wearing our magic amulets for years and continues to do so today. As you can see in the article below Mike mentioned our amulets as his source of strength and power when he made his courageous jump into the icy cold waters of the Kassel river.

Special Thanks for your Efforts

Dear Mrs. Daghan,
Special thanks for your efforts and for your help. I can breathe again. Our family was nearly broken (15 years of bullying by the public authority) ...

Healing Thanks

I want to thank you for all of your work, which has helped me tremendously. Also for the way you listen to me and give me food for thought. I am sometimes confused, but I am much stronger than I was a year ago.

Thankyou, Marion

Dear Marion!
Thank you for accompanying us through the year 2006 and being so helpful. Thank you that you have always pulled us out of the depths, and even on weekends. Thank you for always having fast and competent advice, and even with your broad knowledge a great sense of humour.

A Family Saved

Our father wanted to blow up the house, himself and even his son. With Marion's help we were able to be saved.