Thank you for the love magic

Hi Pavol and Slavka,
It was one fantastic journey, working with you. A journey full of life lessons, healing old pain, meditation, reading books, integrating new insights, and next level coaching. Working with magic for your love life is not just a simple magic trick. It is all about patience, diving in and discovering the magic in yourself. I can not express how thankful I am for all the wisdom and knowledge Pavol and Slavka shared with me and the patience they had with me. Lots of love and light for both of you! ❤️

Thank you message

Hi Pavol and Slavka!

It's been a while since the last time we talked. First of all I want to thank you for this spiritual journey with me that lasted nearly 1.5 years. It has been an amazing, eye-opening experience that is only a start in my spiritual development.

In the books that you recommended to me I found such a source of wisdom that I had not imagined ever before. To some of them I go back to this day. I want to thank you for the following:

- For the strengthened belief in spirituality and that we, humans, are much more than just body and mind!
- Realising that it's only me who is responsible for my own happiness
- New guidance in life
- Life is there to be enjoyed and be happy about
- God is talking to us, we just need to learn to listen to it
- Understanding that my or somebody else's way is a different way, not a better way.

And much more.

Furthermore I would like to wish you both nothing but the best in your personal life and amazing work that you do to help people around the world. I will always remember our virtual time together :)

I would very much wish that our paths in life will cross again at some time. Any time I'm in Germany or Slovakia, I'd love to pop in!