Thank you for the advice

It's been a while but am so happy because your advice has helped me so much and now I will say that i am happy with my life and things started working fine gradually with me. All the negative thinking has gone. Thanks so much, Pavol.

Guidance in relationship problems


Yes, I did read all of the links, most of them multiple times and I sincerely appreciate you sending them to me!

I've found that the problem in our relationship was the both of us holding a grudge towards one another, angry all of the time, and the biggest issue was our lack of communication. I wish that I could go back, because I am positive, if I would've went about issues a different way, I know that we both would've been beyond happy together. I know now that I will make him happy and that our marriage will be amazing.

He is now seeing my ex friend and I had been holding onto a lot of anger and resentment over that. It turned my world upside down. The meditations have helped so much and I now can totally quiet my mind and stay focused. I've been practicing mindfulness and gratitude a lot. I am most definitely calm and neutral and I have positive thoughts for the future, it's like a movie playing in my head of what our marriage IS going to be and I'm more at peace than I have been in a very long time. Thank you so much for the quick response. I hope you're having a wonderful day!



Spiritual growth

Hello to all. 
I have completed books Conversations with God and The four agreements, Thanks a lot, thanks very much,  for I say thanks because without those informations, I was going to be lost forever , When I was reading books,  all I felt was sorrow. Sorrow for the world and for my country but books also made me understand, that there is a away out of it. 
I think I should tell you this, I didn't  plan to ask you those questions in the first mail I sent you , they just came, I can't even remember how I got to you,   the answers  that I have received from you, made me feel sorry for myself and happy too, happy  that I have found the way unknowingly, I was like a baby in the dark  with no one to care for me but now I think I have found  a new family, a family that will be with me forever, this has brought me so much joy and also made me understand that I  have a task ahead that I must accomplish. 
I know, with my willingness to know more  and with your help, I will get stronger and one day I will accomplish my purpose successfully 
Thanks again, XY, Liberia

Love Magic

Hi Pavol,
I’m travelling back home from today’s meditation. It was again better and deeper than before. I’m moving forward, doing small steps :) I finished the book, I do exercises and meditate with the yellow candle. My sadness is fading away. I gave him those things, he cried. One interesting event happened. On Wednesday I was with the daughter of my ex-husband, she is very cute. My ex took me home. When we were alone, he asked me, if there would be a chance that I would return back :) …no, it wasn’t. Now I knew you were right, that this moment would come. And you are right, it was me, who made decision and choose not to return back! It came in another time I wanted and expected, it came, when I was able to let it go. It is hard to believe, isn’t it :) Could you please recommend me another book? Thank you very much and wish you and Marion nice day!

Magic for removal of blocks and energy transfers

Hi Slavka,

I feel much much better now. And I am so grateful for everything! :) For your valuable instructions, recommended readings, but most of all for your beautiful meditations.

I am very happy to see eventually the right direction for me and I believe, that if we will work on us with my partner together, everything will be ok.

I will stay in contact.

Thank you


Thank you from former client (Protective magic)

Hi Pavol,

I hope this email finds you well. It has been a long time since we have been in touch. How are Marion and Slavka?
I am very well. I would like to thank you for everything you did for me. Since the last time we spoke I have worked a lot and my work is a passion of mine.
I hope one day you will educate me on what this occult world is about. How is the white magic business doing?
I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,



Dear Pavol & Slavka,
I just wanted to take time to say THANK YOU for being such a special friends and spiritual guide for me. Without you and my lovely animals in my life things would be very bad for me, you are incredible support system and I am deeply appreciative. Thank you.
Warmest wishes


Thank you for all the loving Art, which is good.
It is satisfying to know, that there are still people who care.

Your L.L.

New chance- thank you

Dear Pavol and Monika,

I am sending you huge THANK YOU…I know that it wasn’t with me easy all the time. But you were there for me anytime I needed. You listened, gave a counsel and showed me the right way… I am grateful that I have found your website of White Magic, because it has changed my life. You have directed me at the path of peace, balance and healthy self-confidence... you have shown me the other way how to deal with problems, differently as I did before. In general, I am more peaceful, balanced and what is the most important, happier than before. And the love in my life is not the only reason. I have learned to be happy just with myself, to enjoy what is, not think too much about small issues. Your counsels and recommendations are deep inside of me. Now I know, where I did mistakes in the past and I try to avoid them in presence. Especially in my beautiful relationship, in my new chance…
I would like to thank your whole team and I wish you success and many satisfied clients.
Your M.

My partner is back- thank you

Dear Pavol and Monika,
I would like to thank the whole team of white magic. The time has come and I can thank you for achieving my goal. My partner is back and this wouldn't possible without you, because we were together already two times before. You helped me in what I needed and felt inside. I founded your website and asked for help, to return my partner back. The call inside of me was the calling of my soul. She was calling for change, for showing the right path and for help to walk on this path. Thanks to this change, understanding of lots of things, different way of thinking, accepting of things, understanding what is happening around me, I can be again with my partner. You were standing on my side and moving me forward. I am grateful that I have second chance to be with him again.
I would like to tell people, who are thinking about contacting you, to do it if they feel it. This was one of the best choices in my life. I don't regret this effort and work I did. My life has changed from the day I contacted the White Magic team. I have found happiness in my life. Happiness, which cannot be found in material things, but this comes whom within. The White Magic team is real and what they do is real. This is my experience. If they tell you that they can help you, they will help you and you will achieve your goal. They are amazing people who charge you with energy.
I would like to speak also to the current clients. For me personally was very helpful to read testimonials on their website. When I felt sad and felt desire inside of me, I read all testimonials and this gave me confidence in my effort. I was also happy that other people achieved what they wanted. I also realized that it is not important when the goal is achieved, but that you have to be prepared well. I had to wait more than one year. And I am grateful for that. Because if it came after one month or half a year, I wouldn't be prepared for that well and our relationship wouldn't be so deep as it is now. Enjoy your journey towards your goal, read, meditate, work on yourself, this is time just for yourself. You can work on yourself, because you have support of people like Palko and Monika.
Palko, Marion, Monika... thank you for everything, thank you for every single phone call and email, for being in contact with you. I would like to continue walking on this path. I'm looking forward to hear you again :) I like you very much.
Thanks for your work, best wishes :)
Your XY

Thank you

Hi Pavol and Marion,
I would like to thank you one more time and I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015. I am still with my wife and we will have a baby :-) :-) Thank you! Ivan

Thank you 2014

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Dear Marion and Pavol,

I wish you calm and refreshing Christmas Eve. I hope you would use this time as your love island and I’m looking forward to see you during next year again. We have walked this year very difficult and hard road together and you had given me again and again reliance and energy. This is the reason for my repeated Thank you. I have you in my heart and I will be your warrior forever. Andi

Common Success: Thank you!

Dear Pavol and Monika,

My compliments. Your power and might is incredible. Today I’ve heard V. She sold this year only things, which were coming through my hands!!! I know whose work is that;)). This is our common success. I intend to meditate and read further and I try to imagine my second half :-).

Nice evening, Majka

Thank you

Personal thank you for magician and lawyer Monika Slivova.

I would like to express shortly my feelings. This letter is for one lady with beautiful heart and spirit. Monika is a person full of love and energy, which she gives to all people around her. This lady with clear aura is able to understand people, and thanks to her frankness is very good consultant. She gives to her work her heart, emotions, intuition and understanding and also good communication and cooperation. This is my thank you from the bottom of my heart. She knows how to show the right way, which is not easy. But it makes a sense…

Best regards, Silvia S.

Thank you- phone call

Message: Dear Marion, I would like to thank you from my whole heart for yesterday conversation. It was so good for me, that you´ve opened my eyes and heart according to that thing. Thank you that you are always so honest and straightforward. I appreciate it. I will follow your recommendation, because I have realized that things are as you have told me, thank you. I wish you, your team, and your family nice weekend.