Greeting Card

Dear Mrs. Daghan-Malenky,
I would like to thank you once again. Thank you for your patience and help. That you have worked with me so long time and still believed in my, or our goal – it was for me very important and I am grateful for that. Many many thanks!

The colorful cross is from Costa Rica. I have also one :) I like it- it is heartsome!
And the two smaller crosses I have brought from Rome. One for you and one for your husband. Why do I give you always crosses, I don't know.
Thank you for everything!

Many many greetings N

E Mail Near-death-experience

So, Ms Daghan, I’m going to explain as a laic, what unbelievable I have experienced. I suppose you won’t be so wondered.

Beforehand: I was found in a bathtub, estimated blood loss 4 litres, pulse 32, body temperature around 32, according to medicine I had to be in my age- that time XX-times death, but…

In XXX I left my house in XXX and I travelled by train to XXX. I had to meet with XXX. She didn’t want to write SMS, she had propably noticed, that I was at the end of my tether. That time she hadn’t any relationship, but she wasn’t able to be with me even one evening, she was scared of my passion, which was very painful. Looking back, now I understand her. But that time, I was destroyed. She was free and didn’t want to meet me..!

After her refusal, I was sitting in XXX on XXX, it was summer evening, I was looking into water and I was sure that she would never some again. I felt that my life in such situation has no sense. Around 9 pm I went to some hotel and I booked a room. I filled a bath with water, I drank some beer and I took razors I had in my pocket many months. They gave me courage, because they promised other way.
I sat into warm water in my underwear, which was weird, but I didn’t want to look awful after death. Despite of that I didn’t dive in the last phase under the water- I drunk my beer and I made a cut, approx. 10 cm, into my body and I was waiting. After my heart attack 2 ½ years ago, I had a thin blood and it was spouting as I had supposed. I fell senseless. I woke up after 3 hours in a cold bath full of blood, I got scared, added more warm water and I cut my body again, blood was spouting again.


Thank you- Guest book

Pasted Graphic 2
Dear Team,

The company Daghan- Malenky has been taking care of me already one year. Finally I see the end of my problems and this means that my meditations are in a good way. According to my financial benefits from our appointments, the price is just 10% of the sum, which I would had lost if I haven’t found the way to your firm Daghan- Malenky.

I would like to thank you for your intensive support and counselling, which has saved me from the worst in my life. Now I am open in my heart and in my soul.

Mike Schmidt

E-mail Sceptic

Good evening/day Marion Daghan Malenky

It is amazing that you have achieved that. You have convinced me about your abilities. Me, the graduate of technical university, a realist and sceptic concerning supernatural issues. You won’t be surprised. The target is not yet achieved. We will achieve it together. I hope so and I believe. This is my biggest target! I think, without you I would have no real chance.
Things you said me today made me think hard, moved me and convinced me. You are right, for sure. I also appreciate your ethical principles, you have stated clearly. You have known this without my prior acknowledgment.

I am prepared to work further and to believe…. You know that.

I’m looking forward to our further cooperation. Best regards

Thank you- superb conversatons

Hi Monika,
Thank you, after our conversation I am more happy and calm. It is amazing how our talks affect me. You and Pavol give me always so much energy and I feel better and better. Thanks to both of you I feel stronger, B.

Hi Pavol,
Thank you for your words, I am calmer and stronger to continue further, this makes me strong. Talks with you and Monika affect me much; I want to be happier and to find myself. He realised my change too. I am prepared to go further. Thank you for everything and I am grateful for all people you are helping too. I am looking forward to call you again, B.

Flower delivery

Pasted Graphic 2
Dear Marion!
You have been accompanying me already one year and I am very happy that you are here. During my tough times you are my great support and I know I can rely upon you!
This way, I would like to thank you again for everything.
Enjoy the flowers. Best regards from Salzburg! Judith

Thank you Magic

2013_07_thanks_love spells
Dear Ms. Daghan-Malenky,
Unfortunately I live too far to come to you personally and to hug you. So I send you this way huge Thank you!!!
I’m sending you tight hug.
Your Jacqueline T.

Thanks from Canada

They said, year 2013 is a year of a shift, I would say coming across your website and know you; is a shift in my life, Mr. Pavol I want to express my deepest gratitude for all the support I am getting, you have opened my eyes to many things, although I am so far and we are still working on my wish to come true "which I feel we are getting very close J" but these past couple of months were a true life changing for me the conversation with you gives me inner peace your guidance, the continues support, introducing me to meditation, your books recommendation all these and the effect on me are beyond just saying THANK YOU! Not to forget dear Slavka her patient and support during our conversation, our meditation via phone is just amazing.
Bless you all!
my sincere gratitude
MS – Canada

Thank you Marion, you are the best!!!!

I hope you are fine? I wanted this say personally, but your colleague said that you are busy at the moment, so I´m writing e-mail. Yesterday evening I plucked up my courage and I called Martin. I told him that I have no place to stay overnight and he suggested me that I can stay in his flat. I had really good luck, and I overnight next to him in his bed. I didn´t sleep somewhere in a sofa, but next to him with him. If you have a little time, I would like to tell you everything personally. I´m so happy, if this good luck stay with me and the finance thing will clear, then we reach our goal. Marion, I must say you are magnific! Marion = the Best of all!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, I don´t know what to say, I just hope we are on a right way...!!!!
With love B

Love is back- thank you!

Hi Pavol.
I met my partner....she talked and talked and talked...about all the things that happened in the time we weren´t together...she apologized....of course, I knew about everything because you had told me, so I wasn´t much surprised....she even told me that she felt so bad that she intended to commit suicide, but also this I already knew from you. And what is good for me, she wants to come back, she isn´t completely ok with previous relationship, she needs some time, but she finished it......So I hope I won´t be just substitute for pain she feels inside, I told her, that I´m not somebody who runs when she calls...(although I do run :-) but I have to keep my dignity.
All the time I spoke with her fairly, I didn´t blame her from anything...and she wondered how it is possible? So I told her that it was her decision to behave that way, it has nothing with me, I respected it...because blaming somebody doesn´t solve the problem...
So we agreed that we begin again...she wants some time and she will have it. She told me she would like to read that book I sent to her...I told her about you and she agreed that we can come for a visit ...I told her about meditation, she didn´t know much about that but she agreed to try it out…she wants to go with me for a holiday...according to her words she really wants me in her life...
I´m very happy and as you´ve told me, everything is now in my hands.......
Pavol, I cannot find the word that would express my gratitude to you and Marion for your help ...I say just thank you and there are included all my feeling.........

Love spells, thanks

Dear Pavol, dear Marion!
Before I start, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am writing this letter as an expression of deepest gratitude for the help you gave me. Also, I would like to address the letter to all those who are hoping and praying for your help in difficult situations. I did the same some time ago when I lost the man I loved - another woman stole him from me.

Pavol, you gave me hope and told me I not only would get my husband back, but that I could also be happy with him again. You have shown me the way to make my dream a reality. It certainly was not easy and you warned me at the beginning. It was a way to work on myself, to recognize my own strengths and weaknesses. Both of you, you and Marion, sent me energy and gave me magical assistance for months, while I followed your instructions: Salt baths, meditation, reading, self-cognizance. Read More...

Many thanks love spells

Today, I wanted to thank you for always being there and standing by my side.. You are of great help to me. Thank you so much! I am so glad that you are always with me! Big (bear) hug and look forward to see you on Thursday.
Your J

Love back

Dear Marion,
I do not know how I can say thanks to you! You have allowed me, after only 7 months to start over with my true love. It was a dream to lie by him. I do not know how it will turn out, but with your help he will soon be my man. I know it! Thank you so much for everything. Cheers S


Dear Marion and Paul,

We would like to thank you again for an inspiring weekend with you and we are glad that we have received a new point of view on life which until then was unknown to us.

Thank you for you help, patience and support. Hopefully we will see each other again soon. I am glad that I could meet you personally and experience the atmosphere on my own.

We wish you all the best and send you our best regards


Love Spells

Dear Marion,

We are together. T. and I love each other very deeply. My dream was fulfilled ...
I can tell you, dear Marion, that I cannot express in words my gratitude! It is just so wonderful to see what you have accomplished with your magical powers! New doors have been opened in my life. God sent me to you and I see, that he loves me and I have value in this world. You put so many thing in order. This feeling of glory is simply indescribable!

Many, many thanks for everything! You're an awesome person!

Best regards!


White Magic Thanks

Hi Marion,

Thank you again for a nice and exceptionally confidential relation. Even if the expected aims have not been reached I could very often draw new courage from our conversations. I find it really remarkable that people in difficult life situations are taken seriously and they are not “utilized“. It does not happen really often...I am sure that in future I will return for other services in your offer and I will recommend you further to my other friends in my surrounding. Besides, if I were somewhere near Kassel, I would like to have a cup of coffee with you....:-) S.

Husband Back

My husband is back! I love you!...

Life Coaching Meditation

Dear Marion,

I would like to thank you from all my heart. In the time when you take care of me and guard me, I get a lot of positive energy. I have chosen my way and reached a lot, today I myself work and do life counseling although it is on an Astroline I gain also experience in this way. I have two friends who I am just beginning a practice with to do the same things as you also do...it means to take people´s hands and help to find them the right way. What about my beloved it does not mean anything new, the only thing I feel is that he is looking for me and he will find me. Read More...

You Have Opened My Eyes

Hi Marion,

I have been busy for days just trying to write you and thank you, but finding the right words has not been easy. Because I am so grateful that I do not believe I can put it into words. We have now known each other for six months and all that I have been able to experience, thanks to you, has been indescribably beautiful.

You have some much power, you are so wonderful with people and you seem to always understand, I was not aware. But now that I have gotten to know you so well and you have gotten everything out of me. I now know how easy it is to lead a happy life. Simple, yet for many people this is hard to understand because nobody listens to their feelings anymor Read More...

I Underestimated Your Power

Dear Marion, Good morning

From the bottom of my hear, please excuse me, I underestimated your power and its magnitude. My lack of faith and confidence have brought about this situation and I regret it very much. Now I am sitting here and my eyes are full of tears and I know I brought about this burden.

If I had kept my promise to you, really, it would have saved years, and a lot of awkwardness.

Everything could have been avoided if I had tried 100%. I was not really aware of the scope of things.

I know that this cannot be reversed and I will need some time to process it.


We're Getting Married

We're getting married, she said yes. I will come by and we will celebrate! L

Love Phone Calls Support

Hello Dear Marion,

I wanted to ask you how you are doing. Hope you still remember me it has been such a long time. I was just thinking about our phone calls and how you supported me in my difficult times. I still have contact with I. Somehow she still is stuck in my head, but otherwise I am good. I see a lot has changed in your practice. All the best!

Love Wife back

SMS: My wife is definitely back. Thank you for your hard work! Now I am going to strictly follow your advice. I am very thankful that I to have met Marion. Jan

Thankyou For The Spiritual Growth

Thankyou For The Spiritual Growth
Dear Mrs. Daghan-Malenky,

Thank you for your help and work in recent years. Without you I could not have resolved my situation so well.

Thank you for the spiritual growth and development (even though I came to you for other reasons. Today, I often think it should probably all be so).

I have seen many changes in myself that you have brought to me along the way.

Thanks for the deep certainty, faith, feeling that there is so much spiritual - to be open to it and to let it in.

I see it as a great asset in this time.

Best regards

Thanks from Jeannine

Hi Marion,

So as not to forget, I wanted to write down what I experienced during our common meditation:

After I cleaned myslef the way you told me to, I closed my eyes and visualized you, and I could see you perfectly. You had on a white robe and you stood behind me. You put your hands over my head, I had many different images, my boss, colleague, my mother (foster mother) and my children... my head was open and gradually after the images were gone, and you were with me, I felt relief. You have given me your hands. Read More...

Thanks from H.


I want to say thank you, Thanks for your support and thank you for allowing me to find the way to you. I have embarked on a new journey, with your help, which I in such a short time I could have only dream of before. Even financially, things have started to pay off.

These results have reinforced my belief in your abilities and I am now convinced, that this is only the beginning on my way to financial independence. I am very glad to have found in you someone who is always there, who will always be there to stand by me in all of lifes situations. Recently, I did not know how things would go. Now I see clearly again and the sun is shining in my sky. My journey with you is far from over. I wish you only the best. With all my heart, thank you for everything.


Thanks from Phillippe R

Lady Daghan.

You have been the best for me, the inexplicable thing is that you know everything about me without me saying a word. I was glad to have had this meeting with you on Tuesday.


Philippe R:

Grateful with my Whole Heart

I am very happy that I met Mrs. Daghan.
She has helped me very much so far and I am very grateful with my whole heart for this. I look forward to working together again in the future :)
Yours sincerely,

For the Power and Loving Cooperation

I thank the angels that I have found the way here. For the power and loving cooperation I have received from here.

With regards

Danke von Eva

Dear Marion. This is a small thanks for all, that you done for me.
Thankfully yours,

I fully trust your great ability!

Dear Marion!
May God reward you abundantly with a long life and good health.I fully trust your great ability! I am very happy that you have been with me on this part of life's road. Thanks for your amazing help!!! Luise

I have achieved all of my financial goals

Dear Mrs. Daghan,

A few months ago I contacted you for help reuniting my partner and I, as well as help with my financial situation. My partner is back now and I have achieved all of my financial goal. I have no idea how you did it, but I want to show my gratitude and respect.
S.P. Switzer

He is Alive, Thank God

Hello Marion,
Thank for everything you have done for me. I hope that the perfume and rose quartz heart is to your liking.
Sincerely yours,


Hi Marion, you were right about Gerhard. I just talked with him. He is still weak and talking is a strain for him, but he is alive, Thank God. Yours Monica

You Are Heaven Sent

Hello Marion,
I need to thank you, for being there for me and that I can call you any time if there is a problem. I also want to thank you for your help and I now firmly believe that everything with Wolfi will come together as I have hoped. Most of all I am pleased that we will have a child together. You are heaven sent. YOU ARE AN ANGEL ON EARTH! Thank you for being here.


Great to know that you exist!

Dear Marion,

Many thanks that you are here to help me again! You are the great strength for me. Without you I know things would not be easy for me. It is great to know that you exist. I love you and thank you for everything you have done.


For always being there

Dear Marion and Pavol
Here's a little Krishna, I have brought for you, from India. This is a small thanks in return, for always being there for me without asking for anything except my faith. Perhaps this little Krishna will fit with your altar :).
A big hug from far away!

You changed my whole life for the better

Dear Mrs. Daghan,

All the of the people in the world want to be happy.
And new paths and guidelines should be recommended.

Ms Daghan, you did not give me instructions, but you changed, with your abilities, my whole life for the better.
You have opened doors that were always closed to me, accompanied me through dark valleys and lead me to the light, gave love to my heart when it felt lost.

You give me protection, love, health and support in all areas of my life.
Thanks to you and your immense skills.

Forever grateful,


Special Thanks for your Efforts

Dear Mrs. Daghan,
Special thanks for your efforts and for your help. I can breathe again. Our family was nearly broken (15 years of bullying by the public authority) ...

Healing Thanks

I want to thank you for all of your work, which has helped me tremendously. Also for the way you listen to me and give me food for thought. I am sometimes confused, but I am much stronger than I was a year ago.

Thankyou, Marion

Dear Marion!
Thank you for accompanying us through the year 2006 and being so helpful. Thank you that you have always pulled us out of the depths, and even on weekends. Thank you for always having fast and competent advice, and even with your broad knowledge a great sense of humour.