Lovemagic- Thank you

Dear Marion, my man is back! I know, I will use my chance this time! Thank you!

👍 ♥️ 😍 L.

Andrea- Partner back

First of all I would like to say to all people who doubt: Marion really makes your wishes come true!
Because of that, as Marion writes on her homepage, be careful what you wish for, because it could happen!

Dear Marion,
I want you to thank you from the bottom of my heart!
I think we weren’t an easy case. But you believed in us from the beginning and gave me courage all those months. Man has to learn to be patient and to believe and to continue further, no matter what’s happening.
Of course there were many disappointments and you had to be sometimes also strict with me so that I wouldn’t give up. But I earned what I had wished for!
Sometimes I cannot believe it yet, that we are really together and of course it isn’t sometimes easy, but we are growing together in our relationship.
Once again thank you for your work and your thoughtful support!
You have your place in my heart and I’m looking forward to meet you personally.

Thank you. Christmas letter

Dear Ms Daghan-Malenky,

once again I would like to thank you for how you accompanied me last year.

I could ring you when I wasn’t feeling well and you listened to me and comforted me.

II wish you merry Christmas and lots of power to help people.,


Thank you Love magic from Elias

Hi Marion,
I am now in writing- mood, so I am sending you belated testimonial for your website.
Kind regards

Hi Marion,
When I turned to you last September, you were my last hope. It wasn’t work right between me and S. S. didn’t want to be with me several months. Nevertheless I had feeling that we belonged together. During one conversation you have told me, that S. would call me in a short time. Without any personal effort from my side, S. suddenly called me. It was really unbelievable. Now we are a couple, as I had wished.
Thank you thank you thank you for your help and your bewildering abilities.

Saint Nicholas Day- Thank you for Love Magic

Pasted Graphic
Dear Ms Daghan-Malenky, I would like to thank you trough this Saint Nicholas Card for your nice words, your energy, your time you have given me and for your unlimited patience! I will never forget what have you taught me! And I am looking forward to meet man of my life!:) Your Martina

100000 Thank you

Dearest Marion,

This way 100000….-thank you for your successful work. I was very happy when you told me on Sunday that feelings of my L... are so big and therefore your work would be done in a standard way; at the same time during the last meeting with him it was like a dream with everything included. For me it is nothing better than my L... and I would be together forever.

Despite of that I still have a little bit fear that he might build some blocks again and he could retreat again. He had in April 2011 (one and half year after we meet each other) already retreated and he came back after 4 weeks (that time I had no PRF in my contract). Because of this, I had during our sporadical meetings fear that it would be the same as the last time and so it was in January 2013. (As I have realized with your help, I had this fear probably unconsciously emitted on him, although I was during each meeting very happy.)

Because of this, I ask you very very much, dearest Marion, in second round of love spells done by corresponding rituals ensure that my L... would never again build blocks and would never retreat from me again. He should be attracted to me as to a magnet. „Change“ also myself in a way that I can manage my fears and my “magnetic radiance” will rise. Please stay further on my side with your helpful tips, so that I would behave correctly and so that my sweetheart would soon ask me the question of all questions. Please be with me patient, when I ask again and again the same questions and you have to guide me like inexperienced teenager fallen in love. I am meditating further with great joy and I am reading all books you have recommended me.

I’m giving you strong hug and I’m sending you and also Pavol many greetings.
Your happy R.

Thank you for Love magic

I would like to thank you this way, Ms Darinka and Mr Pavol :-),

I found you one year ago and I ventured to write you. As I have believed you that time, I am sitting now here and writing with tears in my eyes. But with tears of happiness, love and harmony, thanks to you. The time has come to say thank you for everything you are doing for me. We experienced together my falls and my rises and my new beginning and I know that you are here for me when I am sad or confused, and that you are here to listen to me and to help me to go right way. What have you achieved with me cannot be described, everything is easy and now I know why. Ms Darinka, I will come and thank personally:-) I like you very much so why not to come and share my happiness??? :-) When you have spoken to me, my heart was happy, this way are speaking just you and XY. Thank you also for him and I know why:-) Ms Darinka, it is not end between us, it is just beginning:-) you are the first I call and share my success. Thank you Mr Pavol for energy you have sent me together with your wife Marion and for nice words. I remember how you said during our last call: Now it is up to you. And this motivates me to go further, my dream is close, very close, just to catch it:-) and I know I will make it:-)

Thank you thank you thank you Ms Darinka and Mr Pavol that you are here :-), M.

Thank you Love Magic

Hi Monika,

I would like to say big THANK YOU, for everything you have done for me and for all that time you have spent with me. It was for me very interesting and also thanks to books I was reading, very instructive time. I know that it was not easy to communicate with me during last period and I would like to apologize for that, but I’ve done everything according to your instructions. I don’t know how it will be with M., but I have realized many mistakes we had made and I think it is going good direction. We have been speaking much more and he invited me to join him at family jubilee. I thank both of you- you and Mr Malenky and I hope he wouldn’t think of me badly :-). I would appreciate if you can say him my thank you. You are very nice and I am looking forward to know you. I am happy that I know such people as you are. It is weird what you are doing but it works. And what is most important- it helps and teaches people.

Once more big THANK YOU!!!

And I wish all the best to the future

With regards Hana :-)

Love back

Dear Marion,
I do not know how I can say thanks to you! You have allowed me, after only 7 months to start over with my true love. It was a dream to lie by him. I do not know how it will turn out, but with your help he will soon be my man. I know it! Thank you so much for everything. Cheers S

Glad to have found my way here

Dear Mrs. Daghan, I am very glad to have found my way here.
The visits and phone calls have given me strength.
I look forward to acheiveing my desires and goals with you. Best!

We're Getting Married

We're getting married, she said yes. I will come by and we will celebrate! L

Love Phone Calls Support

Hello Dear Marion,

I wanted to ask you how you are doing. Hope you still remember me it has been such a long time. I was just thinking about our phone calls and how you supported me in my difficult times. I still have contact with I. Somehow she still is stuck in my head, but otherwise I am good. I see a lot has changed in your practice. All the best!

Love Wife back

SMS: My wife is definitely back. Thank you for your hard work! Now I am going to strictly follow your advice. I am very thankful that I to have met Marion. Jan

Thankyou For The Spiritual Growth

Thankyou For The Spiritual Growth
Dear Mrs. Daghan-Malenky,

Thank you for your help and work in recent years. Without you I could not have resolved my situation so well.

Thank you for the spiritual growth and development (even though I came to you for other reasons. Today, I often think it should probably all be so).

I have seen many changes in myself that you have brought to me along the way.

Thanks for the deep certainty, faith, feeling that there is so much spiritual - to be open to it and to let it in.

I see it as a great asset in this time.

Best regards

For the Power and Loving Cooperation

I thank the angels that I have found the way here. For the power and loving cooperation I have received from here.

With regards

Danke von Eva

Dear Marion. This is a small thanks for all, that you done for me.
Thankfully yours,

I have achieved all of my financial goals

Dear Mrs. Daghan,

A few months ago I contacted you for help reuniting my partner and I, as well as help with my financial situation. My partner is back now and I have achieved all of my financial goal. I have no idea how you did it, but I want to show my gratitude and respect.
S.P. Switzer

He is Alive, Thank God

Hello Marion,
Thank for everything you have done for me. I hope that the perfume and rose quartz heart is to your liking.
Sincerely yours,


Hi Marion, you were right about Gerhard. I just talked with him. He is still weak and talking is a strain for him, but he is alive, Thank God. Yours Monica

You Are Heaven Sent

Hello Marion,
I need to thank you, for being there for me and that I can call you any time if there is a problem. I also want to thank you for your help and I now firmly believe that everything with Wolfi will come together as I have hoped. Most of all I am pleased that we will have a child together. You are heaven sent. YOU ARE AN ANGEL ON EARTH! Thank you for being here.


Great to know that you exist!

Dear Marion,

Many thanks that you are here to help me again! You are the great strength for me. Without you I know things would not be easy for me. It is great to know that you exist. I love you and thank you for everything you have done.


For always being there

Dear Marion and Pavol
Here's a little Krishna, I have brought for you, from India. This is a small thanks in return, for always being there for me without asking for anything except my faith. Perhaps this little Krishna will fit with your altar :).
A big hug from far away!

You changed my whole life for the better

Dear Mrs. Daghan,

All the of the people in the world want to be happy.
And new paths and guidelines should be recommended.

Ms Daghan, you did not give me instructions, but you changed, with your abilities, my whole life for the better.
You have opened doors that were always closed to me, accompanied me through dark valleys and lead me to the light, gave love to my heart when it felt lost.

You give me protection, love, health and support in all areas of my life.
Thanks to you and your immense skills.

Forever grateful,


A million thanks!

Dear Marion, I just spoke with A. She has also had a happy first meeting with her ex. I am overjoyed that the reunion of partners was successful, not only for me, but it also worked for my friend as well. A million thanks!