Spiritual guidance

Dear Slavka,
thank you so much for all your greate and generous spiritual and physical revival. I am writing to inform you how have you helped me to reach with your prescription increase of my energy level, to enable me to attract better people and situations, with everyday meditation practice which I found the instructions on your website. I have already finished reading these books:
Neale Donald Walsch: Conversations with God
Don Miguel Ruiz: Four Agreements
Eckhart Tolle: The power of Now.
Thanks for all your care for helping me in my spirituality.
Kind regards,

Relationship family problems

Good evening! Endless thanks for helping me and for all of your input! I started utilizing some of your suggested rituals and they're already working! I'm so happy that I'm nearly in tears! Thank you so much!!


E-mail Thank you for support

I write to say thank you for the support you are giving me and hope soon things will change and will be happy and successful.
Thank you for guiding me in meditation.
I feel better and re-energized after the meditation…..
….If you can do a ritual to make this happen, please by all means do so.
Send me the link of the books I ought to buy and read.
Once again, I want to say thank you for the support. I am grateful.

P. from Africa

Out of body experience

Hello everyone
WOW I am now convinced that you all are real professionals not actors. I am saying this because of my previous experiences with magick in general
what ever you are doing to help me is very strong and  powerful,  after performing the ritual with the 2 green and 1 red candles, I went to sleep and during my sleep I had an out of body experience finding my self in a vortex of  flashing energy it was a mixture of grey, dark green and brown light it was like a storm even more like I was turning Inside of a tornado or falling inside a storm never touching the ground. I am very impressed continue the excellent work and thank you for your patience. Your XY

Thank you, Love Magic


Dear Marion,

This is my thankful letter and if you want, it can be also published. I have been thinking long time to write you! Sometimes I cannot understand, how could you bee so right, as you have said to me on June 15th, than at the next meeting with L will be between us sparkles. And so it was!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Please, please, please don't stop sending me your energy and create with rituals situation that L. will on his way back from holiday decide to be with me and that he will love me forever as his wife. Please, teach me, how to become and to be such person that he would like to be his whole life with me and he would for sure never leave me again. My dear, I send you tight hug and I am very happy that I could met you. Yours forever thankful.

Love spells, thanks

Dear Pavol, dear Marion!
Before I start, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am writing this letter as an expression of deepest gratitude for the help you gave me. Also, I would like to address the letter to all those who are hoping and praying for your help in difficult situations. I did the same some time ago when I lost the man I loved - another woman stole him from me.

Pavol, you gave me hope and told me I not only would get my husband back, but that I could also be happy with him again. You have shown me the way to make my dream a reality. It certainly was not easy and you warned me at the beginning. It was a way to work on myself, to recognize my own strengths and weaknesses. Both of you, you and Marion, sent me energy and gave me magical assistance for months, while I followed your instructions: Salt baths, meditation, reading, self-cognizance. Read More...

Love spells: thanks

Dear Marion,

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help during the last two years. I felt really bad when I first called you, I called for help reuniting me with my partner. You might remember how hopeless my situation was as my Ex and I didn’t talk to each other anymore.

Because of you I feel much better now, my Ex and I are not back together, but we are best friends, I might even say soul mates. A relationship most people can only dream of. Because of your energy, daily meditations and baths I found myself again. You have been an angel with a big heart. For anyone who is doubtful out there, magic really works if you just follow the instructions by meditating and taking relaxing baths. Thank you, thank you, thank you <3

I hope and look forward to seeing you again. Love Read More...

The feelings are intense

Dear Mrs. Daghan-Malenky,

Before I call you at 2pm I wanted to give you a report in advance about the current situation and events.
We spent the weekend in the Black Forest. On the outside it seems as if the interaction between XY and myself is like it was a few months ago, but a lot has happened. We are more attentive to each other and talk a lot more, we do not fight. The feelings are much more intense and it seems like we have been together for a long time. He keeps me up all night in his arms. We bathe and shower together and everything seems natural like a normal couple...

See you later!

Partner reunion

...Meditation was a totally new experience for me. Before long I began to make small achievements, I feel healthier, and more patient. Due a chronic nervous stomach, I had to take pills, I have now disposed of them. I have my inner self again, and now I react much differently to my environment.
Meanwhile, my environment is a perception, I have changed myself for the positive. I am cheerful, optimistic and have fun with my life. I am exuding energy. With this regained vitality, I have met many new people and old friends have been in contact with me as well. ...


The best for 2012

Dear Marion, Wishing you the best for 2012, lots of love, success and I hope all of your dreams come true. I want to thank you with my whole heart for you support that you have given me time and time again. Thank you because of you today I am different person. Thank you! You are an angel on Earth.

Wonderful time together

Dear Marion,

Thank you for the wonderful time together.
Thank you, for teaching me how to react to many situations and human events with ease and lead to great things from them - And thank you for the patience and the power that you have shown me and the courage to achieve my goals.

Here is a saying which I came across and I think everything applies to this.

When you have learned
you make peace with the world,
to love all creation,
People love to all,
to love all animals,
to love all plants,
to love all
everything can be solved with love.
grace to practice what is right to yourself as well as to others.
then you're ready to become one with God.
Author unknown



You can always count on me

I miss the relationship with D. difficult to believe, but what have you done for me, I cannot payback with money. :-)
My stomach isn't always right, but he tells me I'll get to meet you face to face. Thank you Marion. If I can do something for you, I'll be there in a second.
You can always count on me. D.

Many thanks love spells

Today, I wanted to thank you for always being there and standing by my side.. You are of great help to me. Thank you so much! I am so glad that you are always with me! Big (bear) hug and look forward to see you on Thursday.
Your J

Love back

Dear Marion,
I do not know how I can say thanks to you! You have allowed me, after only 7 months to start over with my true love. It was a dream to lie by him. I do not know how it will turn out, but with your help he will soon be my man. I know it! Thank you so much for everything. Cheers S

Love Spells

Dear Marion,

We are together. T. and I love each other very deeply. My dream was fulfilled ...
I can tell you, dear Marion, that I cannot express in words my gratitude! It is just so wonderful to see what you have accomplished with your magical powers! New doors have been opened in my life. God sent me to you and I see, that he loves me and I have value in this world. You put so many thing in order. This feeling of glory is simply indescribable!

Many, many thanks for everything! You're an awesome person!

Best regards!


Faith and Trust

People often need explanation or also scientific evidence to understand things. But not only they are important, something precious lies between the explanation and understanding.

“Knowledge“ The most precious and most unbelievable things in life do not need explanation or scientific evidence.

They happen when faith and trust are present. The warmest regards to you.

D. B.

White Magic Thanks

Hi Marion,

Thank you again for a nice and exceptionally confidential relation. Even if the expected aims have not been reached I could very often draw new courage from our conversations. I find it really remarkable that people in difficult life situations are taken seriously and they are not “utilized“. It does not happen really often...I am sure that in future I will return for other services in your offer and I will recommend you further to my other friends in my surrounding. Besides, if I were somewhere near Kassel, I would like to have a cup of coffee with you....:-) S.

I thank the higher powers

white Magic
Dear Marion, everyday I thank the higher powers that I found my way to you.

Today we have found out that this has personally done me very well and me more strength to believe in my goal.

I am sure that together with you I can achieve this goal. I thank you Marion with all of my heart.

Thank you!

I have reached my goals

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have reached my goals. I'd still go with return the favour.

Glad to have found my way here

Dear Mrs. Daghan, I am very glad to have found my way here.
The visits and phone calls have given me strength.
I look forward to acheiveing my desires and goals with you. Best!

Love Phone Calls Support

Hello Dear Marion,

I wanted to ask you how you are doing. Hope you still remember me it has been such a long time. I was just thinking about our phone calls and how you supported me in my difficult times. I still have contact with I. Somehow she still is stuck in my head, but otherwise I am good. I see a lot has changed in your practice. All the best!

Thanks from Jeannine

Hi Marion,

So as not to forget, I wanted to write down what I experienced during our common meditation:

After I cleaned myslef the way you told me to, I closed my eyes and visualized you, and I could see you perfectly. You had on a white robe and you stood behind me. You put your hands over my head, I had many different images, my boss, colleague, my mother (foster mother) and my children... my head was open and gradually after the images were gone, and you were with me, I felt relief. You have given me your hands. Read More...

Thanks from H.


I want to say thank you, Thanks for your support and thank you for allowing me to find the way to you. I have embarked on a new journey, with your help, which I in such a short time I could have only dream of before. Even financially, things have started to pay off.

These results have reinforced my belief in your abilities and I am now convinced, that this is only the beginning on my way to financial independence. I am very glad to have found in you someone who is always there, who will always be there to stand by me in all of lifes situations. Recently, I did not know how things would go. Now I see clearly again and the sun is shining in my sky. My journey with you is far from over. I wish you only the best. With all my heart, thank you for everything.


Splitting Up

Good morning Marion,

I want to really thank you, it worked. We have separated harmoniously and without any conflict or stress. Thank you so much, you really are an angel. =)


Grateful with my Whole Heart

I am very happy that I met Mrs. Daghan.
She has helped me very much so far and I am very grateful with my whole heart for this. I look forward to working together again in the future :)
Yours sincerely,

For the Power and Loving Cooperation

I thank the angels that I have found the way here. For the power and loving cooperation I have received from here.

With regards

Danke von Eva

Dear Marion. This is a small thanks for all, that you done for me.
Thankfully yours,

I fully trust your great ability!

Dear Marion!
May God reward you abundantly with a long life and good health.I fully trust your great ability! I am very happy that you have been with me on this part of life's road. Thanks for your amazing help!!! Luise

At Peace

Dear Pavol and Marion,
I called my mother and told her the news from my dead grandmother. The messages have had and extraordinary curing effect. My mother is now very happy and seems to have accepted everything. My Mother was afraid that my grandmother was angry due to the fact that my mother was not able to continue caring for her. ( It was very hard, not only physically but, also mentally) My Mother could not stand it anymore and had to put granny in a nursing home. She spoke with my Grandma that night and communicated her feelings and with her. Now they are both at peace and for the first time in a long time she slept well.

Thank you :-)

Have a nice day and much love.

S. with mother

I have achieved all of my financial goals

Dear Mrs. Daghan,

A few months ago I contacted you for help reuniting my partner and I, as well as help with my financial situation. My partner is back now and I have achieved all of my financial goal. I have no idea how you did it, but I want to show my gratitude and respect.
S.P. Switzer

He is Alive, Thank God

Hello Marion,
Thank for everything you have done for me. I hope that the perfume and rose quartz heart is to your liking.
Sincerely yours,


Hi Marion, you were right about Gerhard. I just talked with him. He is still weak and talking is a strain for him, but he is alive, Thank God. Yours Monica

You Are Heaven Sent

Hello Marion,
I need to thank you, for being there for me and that I can call you any time if there is a problem. I also want to thank you for your help and I now firmly believe that everything with Wolfi will come together as I have hoped. Most of all I am pleased that we will have a child together. You are heaven sent. YOU ARE AN ANGEL ON EARTH! Thank you for being here.


Great to know that you exist!

Dear Marion,

Many thanks that you are here to help me again! You are the great strength for me. Without you I know things would not be easy for me. It is great to know that you exist. I love you and thank you for everything you have done.


As if by a Miracle

Hi, I would just like to sincerely thank you. My case seemed hopeless, and so I turned to you. After about three months everything has turned around, as if by a miracle, I am very happy today. Many many thanks! I would turn to you again at a moments notice.
Best regards D.

For always being there

Dear Marion and Pavol
Here's a little Krishna, I have brought for you, from India. This is a small thanks in return, for always being there for me without asking for anything except my faith. Perhaps this little Krishna will fit with your altar :).
A big hug from far away!

You changed my whole life for the better

Dear Mrs. Daghan,

All the of the people in the world want to be happy.
And new paths and guidelines should be recommended.

Ms Daghan, you did not give me instructions, but you changed, with your abilities, my whole life for the better.
You have opened doors that were always closed to me, accompanied me through dark valleys and lead me to the light, gave love to my heart when it felt lost.

You give me protection, love, health and support in all areas of my life.
Thanks to you and your immense skills.

Forever grateful,


A million thanks!

Dear Marion, I just spoke with A. She has also had a happy first meeting with her ex. I am overjoyed that the reunion of partners was successful, not only for me, but it also worked for my friend as well. A million thanks!


Magic Amulet

Magic amulets give you power and courage!
(Mr. Mike Schaefer, The hero, thank you for letting us mention your name here.)
Mike has been wearing our magic amulets for years and continues to do so today. As you can see in the article below Mike mentioned our amulets as his source of strength and power when he made his courageous jump into the icy cold waters of the Kassel river.

Special Thanks for your Efforts

Dear Mrs. Daghan,
Special thanks for your efforts and for your help. I can breathe again. Our family was nearly broken (15 years of bullying by the public authority) ...

Thankyou, Marion

Dear Marion!
Thank you for accompanying us through the year 2006 and being so helpful. Thank you that you have always pulled us out of the depths, and even on weekends. Thank you for always having fast and competent advice, and even with your broad knowledge a great sense of humour.

Your Predictions Were Right

Dear Marion!
In regards to your predictions with the doctor you were right about everything. The follow-up visits turned out just as you had predicted every-time. Your healing works and the doctors have found nothing. Unfortunately, your predictions with A. were correct, there was no more hope for him. He was found at the time that you predicted.

A Case Won

Gericht Danke
Dear Marion!
My case was won, and now my lawyer says that we can settle.

A Family Saved

Our father wanted to blow up the house, himself and even his son. With Marion's help we were able to be saved.

My Husband Has Found Peace

Dear Marion,
After the death of my husband, I was very unhappy. My husband, as you know, also had not found peace. Everything is ok again and I can finally breathe. I also know now that my husband is in heavne and has also found peace.

I Should Have Been Dead

I was just at the doctor and he said that everything is normal! I should actually have been dead for a few months now. They looked at me with such disbelief. I feel good again and not only good, but very good!
Thank you!