My partner is back- thank you

Dear Pavol and Monika,
I would like to thank the whole team of white magic. The time has come and I can thank you for achieving my goal. My partner is back and this wouldn't possible without you, because we were together already two times before. You helped me in what I needed and felt inside. I founded your website and asked for help, to return my partner back. The call inside of me was the calling of my soul. She was calling for change, for showing the right path and for help to walk on this path. Thanks to this change, understanding of lots of things, different way of thinking, accepting of things, understanding what is happening around me, I can be again with my partner. You were standing on my side and moving me forward. I am grateful that I have second chance to be with him again.
I would like to tell people, who are thinking about contacting you, to do it if they feel it. This was one of the best choices in my life. I don't regret this effort and work I did. My life has changed from the day I contacted the White Magic team. I have found happiness in my life. Happiness, which cannot be found in material things, but this comes whom within. The White Magic team is real and what they do is real. This is my experience. If they tell you that they can help you, they will help you and you will achieve your goal. They are amazing people who charge you with energy.
I would like to speak also to the current clients. For me personally was very helpful to read testimonials on their website. When I felt sad and felt desire inside of me, I read all testimonials and this gave me confidence in my effort. I was also happy that other people achieved what they wanted. I also realized that it is not important when the goal is achieved, but that you have to be prepared well. I had to wait more than one year. And I am grateful for that. Because if it came after one month or half a year, I wouldn't be prepared for that well and our relationship wouldn't be so deep as it is now. Enjoy your journey towards your goal, read, meditate, work on yourself, this is time just for yourself. You can work on yourself, because you have support of people like Palko and Monika.
Palko, Marion, Monika... thank you for everything, thank you for every single phone call and email, for being in contact with you. I would like to continue walking on this path. I'm looking forward to hear you again :) I like you very much.
Thanks for your work, best wishes :)
Your XY