Love spells, thanks

Dear Pavol, dear Marion!
Before I start, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am writing this letter as an expression of deepest gratitude for the help you gave me. Also, I would like to address the letter to all those who are hoping and praying for your help in difficult situations. I did the same some time ago when I lost the man I loved - another woman stole him from me.

Pavol, you gave me hope and told me I not only would get my husband back, but that I could also be happy with him again. You have shown me the way to make my dream a reality. It certainly was not easy and you warned me at the beginning. It was a way to work on myself, to recognize my own strengths and weaknesses. Both of you, you and Marion, sent me energy and gave me magical assistance for months, while I followed your instructions: Salt baths, meditation, reading, self-cognizance.

The results were almost immediately recognizable, but not permanently, the situation was complicated. You have asked me to be patient and you were right. Now I have my beloved husband back and we're both trying to build our relationship - this time on a firm foundation.

I want to give hope to all those who do not achieve their goal as quickly as they want. Do not give up and keep working on yourself. The results will undoubtedly show.

Pavol, I appreciate all your effort and methods used to solve my problems - I always felt understood and your genuine desire to help; I always got the support I needed. The conversations you had with me always put me a step forward.

In particular, I want to express my thanks to Slavka, for her patience and support during our phone calls. She analyzed my emotions and thoughts for hours which always helped me.
A profound experience for me and my friend was visiting your meditation center where we met you personally and were able to experience some deep and beautiful meditation.
Now, after overcoming a difficult period, I feel much stronger, I see my life and the people around me differently. I enjoy every moment, live, thank the universe and the infinite energy that I had the luck to get to know such amazing people as you - Pavol, Marion, Slavka. I wish all of you only the best life has to offer.
My meditation and spiritual connection with you has become a part of my life. You're a rock where I can stand on while the earth revolves under my feet.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Lots of love