Partner reunion

Hello Ms. Daghan,

We’ve been working for 3 ½ months to reunite me with my partner and now I am starting to notice the positive change. When my ex-partner suddenly left me,  I felt as if the ground had been pulled out from under me, I never thought this was possible. I sank into a deep hole and the feeling of emptiness was unbearable. I searched the internet for solutions and came across your website. You listened to me and gave me tips on what to do.

A few weeks later, we started working together. I was so depressed, sad, and so extremely impatient, I had many doubts and fears. But from day to day, from week to week, it began to slowly get better. I started to meditate everyday and to take a bath two times a week.
Meditation was a totally new experience for me. Before long I began to make small achievements, I feel healthier, and more patient. Due a chronic nervous stomach, I had to take pills, I have now disposed of them. I have my inner self again, and now I react much differently to my environment.
Meanwhile, my environment is a perception, I have changed myself for the positive. I am cheerful, optimistic and have fun with my life. I am exuding energy. With this regained vitality, I have met many new people and old friends have been in contact with me as well.

Of course there are times when I feel pulled back into my old ways and begin missing my ex-partner.
Sometimes the desire is so strong…
When I begin to feel anxious or impatient, you always seem to know the right words to say to me.
I know I’m on the right track and firmly believe that my partner will return with your help.
I will continue to do my duties diligently, so that nothing stands in the way of my happiness.
Thank you for everything!