Thanks - love magic

Dear Monika, dear Pavol, I am 💗 grateful to you for everything. I am incredibly happy and grateful that you came into my life. Also, THANK YOU for your cooperation, energy, patience, just for everything. Our common goal is accomplished, but it's not just about that. You have done far more for me than I expected. I contacted you about the return of my partner, but now my inner state and life in general are completely different and I have gained much more than just my beloved. I have everything I need in me and no matter what happens, I always have an overview and my mental balance is no longer affected by just anything. My favorite conspiracy theory is that everything will be fine 💫😉. In the beginning, it was not easy, I was often sad, I felt terrible, mainly because of this person. I often hesitated whether I still wanted that person, but it was sometimes difficult to get close again. Now I'm sure of myself and I don't really need any expressions of love or anything like that from outside. I am happy, I am satisfied, I live with a warm feeling inside that gives me joy, love and so on. As a little child who enjoys everything, I mean that beautiful pure state of consciousness. You have to start with yourself and the environment will adapt. In general, my other relationships are also improving or I feel that I am doing well. 😇 I still want to educate myself, work on myself, I'm currently reading a perfect book and I'm looking forward to similar ones. I like you very much and you have grown very close to my heart 😊. Monika, you are incredibly kind, I often poured out my heart to you and you always listened to me 😊💗, I didn't like discussing it with people around me. Pavol, You know how to hit concisely and clearly with your words where needed 😉. I don't even want to know how I would have done if you hadn't come into my life. I hope I can visit you sometime. What you are doing is amazing. Many thanks 💫 ​