You Have Opened My Eyes

Hi Marion,

I have been busy for days just trying to write you and thank you, but finding the right words has not been easy. Because I am so grateful that I do not believe I can put it into words. We have now known each other for six months and all that I have been able to experience, thanks to you, has been indescribably beautiful.

You have some much power, you are so wonderful with people and you seem to always understand, I was not aware. But now that I have gotten to know you so well and you have gotten everything out of me. I now know how easy it is to lead a happy life. Simple, yet for many people this is hard to understand because nobody listens to their feelings anymore.

In my case I was totally buried by negative thoughts and always things. I've learned how to meditate properly from Pavol and it has helped me to find myself again, which is an incredibly beautiful feeling. More people should trust their feelings and their head, but as we grow up we stop listening to our feelings and we lose our senses and then we wonder why nothing works anymore. Why would it? How could it? We have already expressed our desire in the answer.

'It does not work if you do not want it to" and with this there is nothing.

You have opened my eyes and I know now more than ever that we get what we wish for. We must think of ourselves and what we are asking from the world. I have learned to be mindful of the way that I speak, we are never alone and when we babble meaningless things this can become our reality.

I would love to have your skills and intelligence, so that I could help so many people. One thing I know, faith, trust, love and gratitude are important words to understand and integrating into these feelings should be our goal! But who wants to change what they are used to? Thanks to your help, I have done it in six months. Therefore I must send you my deepest gratitude.

I am thankful that D introduced us. Life today is very different than it was six months ago

I am pleased to have been reunited with you and I am glad to have found such a friend in you.

Best wishes