Dear Marion I greet you with all my heart. Sending lots and lots of love and hugs. I started knitting the scarf for Christmas, and I believe that you will at least appreciate the time I put into the work, and maybe even some Buddhist mantras will be felt from the scarf (I laugh πŸ™‚). Dear Marion, you are a very kind-hearted woman, with a big heart, you are very hardworking, clever, and I have to praise you for the Christmas decoration, as I was at your place, and the potato pancakes. I believe that you are already healthy, but that you also find time for relaxation and rest... With love, respect and humility XY - Prague ​

Unblocking - thank you

Dear Monika, dear PaΔΎko and the whole White Magic THANK YOU! I don't even know how, but 3 years have passed and thanks to you, they have been the best years of my life. Reaching out to you and deciding to go this route was the best thing I ever did and I will be really grateful if we stay in touch. Today, I look back over time at everything I experienced during that time and I slowly understand that everything led to the fact that I could be happy. For a long time, I didn't want to internally understand that the relationship I fought so hard for was not full-fledged at all, but thanks to your patience and kindness, I was able to open my heart to new and better possibilities over time. The old blockages that weighed me down are gone and now I have the opportunity to live a life full of smiles, joy and abundance in all areas of my being. If you're reading these lines and can't decide whether White Magic is right for you, I can only advise you one thing - don't think and go for it! It doesn't matter what area you need help in, White Magic will open doors you didn't even know were there. πŸ™‚ THANK YOU and greetings XY

Best life support - thank you

The best life support there is. I am so glad and happy to know that Marion is with me, day and night. Whenever I'm down, I've been there many times already, she helped me in an exemplary way without ifs and buts. He is a very wonderful person. His experience and knowledge are like a great treasure that he owns, his reliability and help give him my absolute trust. He is an extremely valuable, important, sincere, wonderful person for me. I am so happy and no longer full of fear. Marion is for me, I am certainly not exaggerating and I just want to say, a gift from God. I wish many people as much happiness and help as I was blessed to experience with Marion. It is a great gift to humanity. I wish God's continued help and much happiness and love, dear Marion. Thank you for being you. Sincerely XY ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️

Thanks - love magic

Dear Monika, dear Pavol, I am πŸ’— grateful to you for everything. I am incredibly happy and grateful that you came into my life. Also, THANK YOU for your cooperation, energy, patience, just for everything. Our common goal is accomplished, but it's not just about that. You have done far more for me than I expected. I contacted you about the return of my partner, but now my inner state and life in general are completely different and I have gained much more than just my beloved. I have everything I need in me and no matter what happens, I always have an overview and my mental balance is no longer affected by just anything. My favorite conspiracy theory is that everything will be fine πŸ’«πŸ˜‰. In the beginning, it was not easy, I was often sad, I felt terrible, mainly because of this person. I often hesitated whether I still wanted that person, but it was sometimes difficult to get close again. Now I'm sure of myself and I don't really need any expressions of love or anything like that from outside. I am happy, I am satisfied, I live with a warm feeling inside that gives me joy, love and so on. As a little child who enjoys everything, I mean that beautiful pure state of consciousness. You have to start with yourself and the environment will adapt. In general, my other relationships are also improving or I feel that I am doing well. πŸ˜‡ I still want to educate myself, work on myself, I'm currently reading a perfect book and I'm looking forward to similar ones. I like you very much and you have grown very close to my heart 😊. Monika, you are incredibly kind, I often poured out my heart to you and you always listened to me πŸ˜ŠπŸ’—, I didn't like discussing it with people around me. Pavol, You know how to hit concisely and clearly with your words where needed πŸ˜‰. I don't even want to know how I would have done if you hadn't come into my life. I hope I can visit you sometime. What you are doing is amazing. Many thanks πŸ’« ​

Thank you for everything!

Dear White Magic team, my dear teachers, friends and soul mates!

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for all your work, energy, patience and for the time you have given to guide me in the right direction on my path, to reach my goal. Our collaboration started 9 years ago, due to my ego's desire to get back my partner at the time (since then, my goal has changed). Thanks to you, I have gradually started to understand and comprehend my needs, my life, causes and effects, and I have come to understand what I am and what my Ego is. With your huge help I found the way to my soul and started to understand it. And this (understanding the soul and the path to it) was the most important, the best and the most valuable thing that could happen to me in my life. It was not an easy process, it didn't go "like smooth sailing", but thanks to you and your patience, I stayed on the path, and I moved forward on it step by step. Thanks to your kind approach (sometimes I felt almost " maternal love" from Darinka), but also paternal strictness and harshness (Pali's "strong" admonitions and stern-loving words), I understood what all is hidden inside me, what a great power I have to create, and that it depends only on me - what, when and how I create in my life. I am very grateful for all your corrections, adjustments, advises and realizations of the processes and events on my journey through life in this body. You are doing a tremendous and priceless service to the souls who ask you to help them. ... you are lighting up " lighthouse light" within them, which other souls can then use on their voyage around dangerous reefs and helping all of us to safely reach the harbor we are all headed for. It is a wonderful journey... Thank you for your navigation and I very much wish that every soul in my vicinity will notice the "lighthouse light" and use it as best he or she can. It is certain that one day it will happen, and we all will sail to where we are supposed to sail... I have achieved my goal. Thank you for all you have done for me. It has been a wonderful and meaningful time. I will never forget you, and I will never stop being grateful for ... that you are.
With love, gratitude and deep respect to you and your work

Thank you for the love magic

Hi Pavol and Slavka,
It was one fantastic journey, working with you. A journey full of life lessons, healing old pain, meditation, reading books, integrating new insights, and next level coaching. Working with magic for your love life is not just a simple magic trick. It is all about patience, diving in and discovering the magic in yourself. I can not express how thankful I am for all the wisdom and knowledge Pavol and Slavka shared with me and the patience they had with me. Lots of love and light for both of you! ❀️

Thank you message

Hi Pavol and Slavka!

It's been a while since the last time we talked. First of all I want to thank you for this spiritual journey with me that lasted nearly 1.5 years. It has been an amazing, eye-opening experience that is only a start in my spiritual development.

In the books that you recommended to me I found such a source of wisdom that I had not imagined ever before. To some of them I go back to this day. I want to thank you for the following:

- For the strengthened belief in spirituality and that we, humans, are much more than just body and mind!
- Realising that it's only me who is responsible for my own happiness
- New guidance in life
- Life is there to be enjoyed and be happy about
- God is talking to us, we just need to learn to listen to it
- Understanding that my or somebody else's way is a different way, not a better way.

And much more.

Furthermore I would like to wish you both nothing but the best in your personal life and amazing work that you do to help people around the world. I will always remember our virtual time together :)

I would very much wish that our paths in life will cross again at some time. Any time I'm in Germany or Slovakia, I'd love to pop in!

Thank you for the advice

It's been a while but am so happy because your advice has helped me so much and now I will say that i am happy with my life and things started working fine gradually with me. All the negative thinking has gone. Thanks so much, Pavol.

Thank you

I wanted to thank you and Pavol, I remembered today how far I have come, and how much I have learnt from both of you. My initial goal was my relationship in my marriage but I have come to see that what I needed most was to have a relationship shift with being ok with myself and working on myself. Thank you so much for what you do to help people.

WhatsApp message from former client

Hi Slavka,
Think about you often and appreciate you sharing the healing spell.
I hope you and your family are healthy and safe. Things are going ok here.
I thank you for all your support and time over this last year. I want to continue to work with you, I currently want to get clarity around intentions and goals before we continue.


Love Magic- Ex back

When I came across Pavol and Marion, I was desperately sad, love addicted and looking for a way to solve the problems of my relationship with my ex. I came looking for love magic wanting my ex to be in love with me.
In the year and a half that I have been a client of Pavol and Marion, my life has shifted dramatically. When I came asking for their help, I didn’t have a stable job or money. I also felt like I had no purpose and I really didn’t feel good about myself. It is easy to understand then, that my relationship was pretty toxic because I was desperately trying to hold on to one person hoping they will make me feel happy. My ex was as lost as me and we were like beggars, begging each of the other to give love.

What I didn’t understand was that love is a force that builds the very fabric of the universe, and that it is something that we each have access to within us. This is what I have come to understand thanks to the path recommended by these guys. Their love magic is quite potent, but it asks for real willingness and change within a person.

In the beginning it was very difficult for me to grasp the guidance that was given to me, because I was struggling with my ego and overwhelmed by the negativity of my own mind. But I will never forget..three months into our work together, I woke up one day and I felt very different. I felt so happy and full of light. I had not felt this way in I couldn’t remember how long. I also started noticing how people responded to me differently. Men were paying attention to me and wanting my attention. And not just men, people were gravitating towards me. I started to feel more confident and easy. And life started to shift.

Now, almost a year and half since I first started working with Pavol and Marion, my life is completely different. I have a new career path that I love, involving helping others. I have many new friends, people that I met who are like-minded and positive and supportive. Even my relationships with my family members became more positive and real. As for the man with whom my relationship was the catalyst for me to look for this help, he is back in my life and he is different. He is loving and kind. I am now checking to see if I want to be with him, because I realize that it is my choice. I no longer feel dependent on any relationship to provide me with happiness because I am already happy within myself. I realize that as long as I am working on myself and my path, as long as I am connected to my Soul, my life will have joy.

Thank you Pavol and Marion for this blessing.

Help against black magic

Hi Pavol,

Hope you and Marion are well. I have been well from the time I came to see you and Marion. Thank you so much.
If possible, I would like to come and visit you sometime – in a well state.

Kind regards,

Guidance in relationship problems


Yes, I did read all of the links, most of them multiple times and I sincerely appreciate you sending them to me!

I've found that the problem in our relationship was the both of us holding a grudge towards one another, angry all of the time, and the biggest issue was our lack of communication. I wish that I could go back, because I am positive, if I would've went about issues a different way, I know that we both would've been beyond happy together. I know now that I will make him happy and that our marriage will be amazing.

He is now seeing my ex friend and I had been holding onto a lot of anger and resentment over that. It turned my world upside down. The meditations have helped so much and I now can totally quiet my mind and stay focused. I've been practicing mindfulness and gratitude a lot. I am most definitely calm and neutral and I have positive thoughts for the future, it's like a movie playing in my head of what our marriage IS going to be and I'm more at peace than I have been in a very long time. Thank you so much for the quick response. I hope you're having a wonderful day!



Thank you for changing my life

Hi Pavol, i just want to say, life has changed so much in this last year since i started working with you guys. I am beyond grateful for the support, kindness and love i feel from you guys. The quality of people who are in my life now and the quality of my relationships are different and a lot more full of love than ever before. And these days the people i meet, just in the form of clients, friends, acquaintances are so positive for me.
Of course, i have lots of things to improve and fix, and organize in my life, but whatever our past life history is, I am happy that I found you guys, it was the missing link in my spiritual search. Thank you!

Thank you for your support

Guten Morgan my dear,

I wanted to thank you for all the calls, all your support when i felt like i didn't have anyone you were there for. I can't even imagine where i could have been without you guys being by my side. I could cry, cry because of gratitude, and cry because someone would take the time to hear me and guide me to where i become whole.

With this i want to thank your whole team, you all are truly Angels in this world and you have helped me a lot. Everything is in divine order and i know all will be as its supposed to be.

Thank you so much.

Enjoy your week!

Spiritual growth

Hello to all. 
I have completed books Conversations with God and The four agreements, Thanks a lot, thanks very much,  for I say thanks because without those informations, I was going to be lost forever , When I was reading books,  all I felt was sorrow. Sorrow for the world and for my country but books also made me understand, that there is a away out of it. 
I think I should tell you this, I didn't  plan to ask you those questions in the first mail I sent you , they just came, I can't even remember how I got to you,   the answers  that I have received from you, made me feel sorry for myself and happy too, happy  that I have found the way unknowingly, I was like a baby in the dark  with no one to care for me but now I think I have found  a new family, a family that will be with me forever, this has brought me so much joy and also made me understand that I  have a task ahead that I must accomplish. 
I know, with my willingness to know more  and with your help, I will get stronger and one day I will accomplish my purpose successfully 
Thanks again, XY, Liberia

Partner is back

Hi Slavka. How are you? Sorry I didn't contact you. I went too far with meditations. It changed my personality so much in a short time, that i was scared. I am good now. Actually I went back to real myself again and its good that you guys show me different way to live my life. I never experience and never knew how people can see world differently depend from the energy around them. These days I am different. I love myself, I do yoga, take my time and most important me and my husband are back together. We bought a house together and i am surprised everything goes smooth, he compromises and me too. I just understand it cant be everything like i want and it is not important to get everything my way. We can speak now about emotional things peacefully without screaming and it is because our pain and anger left us. We start again, but this time we remember we cant hurt each other because pain will grow again and it will be the same angry stage like before. We remember our bad experience and are lucky, that we had a chance to start again. Anger will never bring you anywhere. We both are so happy now and enjoying everything together. Thank you :-)

Thank you for your counsel

Thank you so much for your help
The pentagram ritual and the book
The four agreements had really struck a note in my head with clarity
I also the first night I used it had friendly trio of spirits cons to help me in dream
Wearing red scarves ??

You are so kind to help
Bless you xx

WhatsApp message from a client

So the meeting was good. I was nice and relaxed. He was stressed and really wanted to hug me. He said he ended things with her. He also said he wants me, but I don't want him. So I said:"I haven't said I don't want you. But some things need to change first."…
I feel the power now and I am happy and sad at the same time. But I know I need time to learn more about how to be happy with myself. Wow, how things are happening!


Email from a former client

Hi Pavol.

How are you? I hope you are doing well. ☺

I want to thank you one more time and to show you, what I have, thanks to you, right now in my life. In attachment, you will find photos of my two beautiful kids…

Now, I am working on saving money for our own house, but it is still a long journey ahead. 😊

I wish you all the best.


Thank you for your work

Hi Slavka,

I want to thank you and Pavol for helping me to ride out my (now already ridiculous) "situation” :).
I admire your patience and help by getting my ex-lover back.

If you want, you can use this message as a testimonial. I won't write new text about magic. I just want to say: "I believe".
It is people's free will to decide to do it or not. I didn't read any testimonials, for me, magic was the only way, how to get back what I wanted. I was looking for you on purpose. I am very happy, that I have the second chance and the possibility to improve myself and to develop my relationship, step by step, on the different level. I believe, that XX will, after touching the rock bottom, see the world in different light, not just as material things. And she won't be looking for the satisfaction in illusory world of social media:), but, if she needs this, then, why not? :)).

Thank you Pavol for everything, what you are doing for me with your wife and Slavka. I am grateful for your magical work, for our conversations and your patience with my silly moves. I am grateful for your books recommendations, and first introduction into meditation and yoga. From the beginning, meditations helped me to become calm.
After my break up with the woman, I loved, I was like crazy. I couldn't accept, that I lost her. I also felt so bad, because i insulted her and i had no chance to explain things to her. I still loved her, she was in my thoughts all the time and I couldn't stop it. Thank you for the chance to meet her again, what was from my point of view not possible. I believe, we will meet now more frequently. Thank you for showing me, how to know myself better and to see, that everything around is perfect. Every moment gives me a chance to enjoy things and keep my energy high. I didn't see many small things, I took it for granted. I didn't see the beauty of the snow flake or power of first flower after the long winter, beauty of nature and our planet. Everything is perfect. Also people are perfect. It is up to people, if they learn lessons from their mistakes. I feel it is also not sure, that mistakes are really mistakes and not just the reflections of ourselves.

Thank you for the energy you are sending to me. Accept my deep respect.

I wish you nice day and many satisfied clients!


Message from client

Slavka, every time I finish talking to you, I feel the energy in me is renewed.. the energy will slowly lower until I talk to you the next week again. Thank you.

Skype message from a client

Working with Slavka is beyond amazing. Slavka is a great source of inspiration and encouragement. Her understanding of spiritual work is exceptional. The books she recommended were excellent.
Your website is very well resourced, educational and the meditation is excellent. The meditation exercise is simple and very practical.
Slavka teaches you to remain focused on what works and getting to one's desired state of being.
You guys are doing a great job. I really appreciate all of you.
Many thanks to all of you for your love and care.


XY, France