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Crisis of the successful

Nowadays the lifestyle we have in our professional as well as personal lives, creates new challenges and possibilities, but it also brings with it new problems. More and more people are feeling tired, exhausted or depressed. Science recognizes three fatigue conditions prevalent in our modern society among those in the workforce: persistent fatigue among employees, burnout, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).
Research has been done on animals as well as athletes which shows that fatigue is an emotion that is created by the brain in order to protect the body from potential damage (caused by inappropriate physical load). The brain evaluates many physiological and psychological parameters (for example oxygenation, thirst, muscle soreness, certain blood parameters, emotional state, lack of sleep, visual feedback, knowledge level of the subject, level of motivation) and then, if the levels are critical, it creates the experience of fatigue. Burnout and CFS share similar symptoms and both are triggered by stress. The main difference is the cause of each disease: burnout is psychological and CFS is physical. And both these conditions are associated with a hypofunction of the HPA axis, the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis which is our central stress response system.
According to an analysis by the Scientific Institute of Health, the number of days of sick leave due to fatigue symptoms such as burnout has increased tenfold between 2004 and 2014. More and more athletes and managers suffer from stress, loss of energy and motivation. We offer customized solutions! Meditation and magic can provide exceptionally good results in these areas. Through the rituals, those affected get new energy and desire to live and work! Personal consultations and meetings, guided meditations and reading selected literature, such as Feeling Good by David Burns, or Luckier than God by Neale Donald Walsch, have led to excellent results for our clients! We offer long-term solutions that help you to create a new lifestyle and a new attitude to life.
Burnout help

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To feel irreplaceable and overwhelmed is a sign of anxiety. Very often people also fear they will be unable to fulfil the expectations of their family, job, friends and colleagues. Do you need a help? Speak with us!


Help and Treatment

First thing you need is to learn how to relax yourself. The best way to relax your mind and body is through meditation. Don’t know how to meditate? In our courses participants learn and practice different methods of meditation. We also teach you special types of meditation that make your thoughts and feelings more clear, and also help you manage stress more easily.

Involve mediation into your everyday life. Take time for yourself! You can start by spending five minutes a day for meditation and slowly increase your relaxation time at home to 30 minutes every day. You can also use meditation for little breaks in between your work. We offer customized stress management and meditation seminars! Please contact us for an appointment.

Politician Mathias Platzeck was probably one of the most prominent figures who was pressured to conform by the expectations of his position. In 2006 after a collapse and multiple occasions of hearing loss, he came back into office as the Social Democratic Party chairman. His predecessor Franz Muentefering said of the job: The most beautiful office next to the Pope. What a burden. Platzeck is a classic case of burnout.

According to a study by the Bertelsmann Foundation, the burnout risk drops significantly when managers are supportive to their staff and give them recognition for their work, creating a sense of belonging and security. Furthermore, if managers are open towards the family needs of their employees, the stress levels in the workplace will be reduced and the possibility of burnout will go down.
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The Rhine Westphalia Institute for Economic Research has found that it costs German companies € 9 million a year due to employees who are burned out or errors due to mental exhaustion and cannot handle their workload. And so it is not only compassion, but also strong economic calculus that pushes companies towards caring about burnout syndrome nowadays.

Get out of the victim role.

We must learn to look at each person and ourselves holistically. People are not just machines that run from morning till night in full swing.
How can I limit myself? How do I learn to say no? How do I deal with criticism? How do I deal with my desire for perfection? How can I have more time for my family and myself? The company also benefits from these things, because employees learn how to manage their lives and time better, thus leading to fewer sick days.
Nothing is more difficult and nothing requires more character than to be open with one’s self and to say, NO!
Everything about Meditation.…
We recommend reading the following books:
Anthony William - Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal
Dr. Deepak Chopra - Creating Health: How to attain perfect health and feel ever youthful
Elisabeth Haich, Selvarajan Yesudian - Self healing, Yoga & destiny
Alexander Loyd and Ben Johnson: The healing code

Burnout Help

Do you feel disorganised, unmotivated, have no energy, and you don't know why? These are often the result of patterns, trends and routines that we get ourselves into without realizing it. These patterns and routines can be changed and manipulated so that they have positive rather than negative effects on your life. You can have anything you want if you put your mind to it, and we can help!

Always under pressure? We offer you stress management and meditation seminars!

Burnout: the spiral

Burnout is a state of emotional exhaustion, de-personalization, and decreased sense of personal accomplishment, due to excessive workload or time pressures of a job. This state is caused not just by pressure, but the person effected by burnout also experiences being out of control, or having a variety of tasks, which are not under the control. It has been proven that these job demands correlate with feelings of exhaustion.

The symptoms of burnout include:

1 A pain of all kinds
2 Problems with sleep
3 Energy loss
4 Narrow minded: I cannot change the situation
5 Irritability, aggressiveness, outbursts and insults
6 Concentration and memory problems
7 More work: I have to complete my task.

8 Social withdrawal: My job leaves me no time for a personal life
9 Guilt
10 Panic attacks
11Problems with motivation and lack of interest
12 Severe mood swings
13 Suicidal thoughts
14 Apathy and / or distressing restlessness

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Do you feel stuck and frustrated? Do you experience a life without motivation and energy? Do you want to dissolve your inner barriers and move your limits towards more freedom?
Improve yourself and become stronger and happier! Our meditation seminars can support you and guide you to reach life balance easily! We can teach you, how to live your life in harmony and happiness again!

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