Fortune Telling, Card Reading, Clairvoyance, Astral travels

Fortune Telling and Clairvoyance

Card reading, fortune telling and clairvoyance

We can help you to see your circumstances from the spiritual and karmic perspective and help you with solving your problems. Have a question about your future and do not know what to do? Call us for a consultation and card reading.

We advise and assist you in any situation with the help of Runes, Tarot, astrology and other magical means in order to successfully shape your future. With magical abilities such as clairvoyance and astral travel, we advise and help you design a life with more peace, balance and joy.

Seed a thought, and you will reap the deed. Seed an deed, and you will reap a habit. Seed the habit, and you will reap your destiny.
A first, short and brief analysis and counselling concerning your problem is free of charge. It usually means answering one simple question. For those clients, who want more detailed instructions how to solve their problem, we prepare a detailed analysis concerning all aspects of life- work, money, love, health, which is already paid. For such analysis, we do divination combined with astral travel, which reveals also hidden causalities and blocks. The price for such analysis is 100 euro. If you are interested, please write us!


Looking into the future

Clairvoyance is a natural ability of all real magicians, for card readings and using other oracles helps to predict the future. Everyone has a free will to do what he or she wants. God knows us completely, and thats why is this free will predictable. A clairvoyant can look into the future and tell you what will happen if we continue in the course of life we have now and furthermore what to do in order to avoid certain events, if possible.

A magician can look into the past and into the future. Since the future has not happened yet, it can be changed by the power of personal will. A person who is aware of something in the future, what is not desirable, may change their attitudes, thinking, behaviour and deeds, and thus change the future. Not everyone is willing to change, and hence the future remains unchanged. A fortune teller can reveal what will happen if you continue along the same path, if you have acted deliberately in order to change and / or what will happen when white magic is used.
Card reading and fortune telling can be used to predict the future and once understood this knowledge can used in order to avoid certain events. Of course, not everything in the future can be changed. Certain events must occur and a magician should be honest enough to say it to the client. Every person and every situation is different and we do not just look for what's next, but also for why and how you can avoid it, if necessary. Such evaluations help us with the runes, tarot cards, or the magic bullet. For the general public such things as I Ching or runes are recommended, since these help to accelerate spiritual perception.
Don't know what the best way to move forward is or what the consequences of your actions will be? We can help you look into the future and guide your decision making process. Imagine how many things you would have done differently if only you had known what the result was going to be. Now you don't have to. We are here to help and look forward to assisting you.

Gypsy Cards and Tarot Cards

Runes and the I Ching

Gypsy cards, Tarot cards, Runes and I Ching are ancient oracles, magicians and seers use to look into the future and anticipate events. It is important not just blindly follow any methods but also experience the fortune-telling in a meditative state where you can obtain access to important information. It is necessary for you and your Oracle to form a personal relationship. This can be done through frequent visits, as well as through a drop of blood. Also let the Oracle speak to you themselves. Do not rely only on books. Each Rune and Tarot card has many different interpretations. Card reading and fortune telling should follow the meditation and prayer.

To look into the future a crystal ball or magic mirror is one source of intuitive divination. Crystal balls can be made of glass or of polished crystal. It is important that they show no inclusions, since such interference can distort the images or create streaks. If you are very skilled and well trained, you can read, of course, from all of the future, because then, in principle, you need no aids. Therefore a reading can take place without tarot cards.

Tarot cards must always be read and interpreted in the context of the question - with an absurd or unserious question you will never receive a satisfactory answer, since the cards are strict with the questioner.

clairvoyance & fortune telling

Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace; where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; and where there is sadness, joy.

Meditation and Astral Travel

Information best obtained through meditation and astral travel.

A lot of information comes to the mage completely automatic, he can read the minds of people, as well as use clairvoyance. If the information is very far in the past, for example in another life, then the mage has to get into a much deeper meditation.

Fortune telling, clairvoyance, and helping to design ones future are among the most obvious skills of a magician. The fact that a mage has more energy, balance and health, means that s/he have access to other worlds and more information. But there are also many "magicians" who due to illness or drugs can misdirect you and interpret information inaccurately. A mage does not have such physical and mental inferences and therefore can help you clearly see the future. They can help you to understand what things are changeable and what are unchangeable. Thus you are better prepared for your future.

In order to get solutions and information faster sometimes it is best to use fortune-teller cards, tarot cards, runes and I Ching as an oracle. In the highest level of white magic you do not need Oracle, you just know what the problem is. An Oracle can sometimes be a good help when energy is not so strong. Runes and gypsy fortune telling cards are simple to medium to understand. Tarot cards are very complex, and time must be spent in order to properly interpret and understand what the cards are saying. I Ching is also a recommended tool for divination, which can also be a good source of information for the reader. For more information contact us here.

"All things arise in the mind, in our mighty spiritual creation.
Speak with a pure mind, act with a pure mind and happiness will follow you,
as the shadow follows the body, and does not deviate. "

Gautama Buddha

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Do you have a relaitonship problem and you don't know what to do? Are you confronted with something, what can be called supernatural? Something like a curse or demons? Do you want to glimpse into the possible future, or do you need answers for your questions? We work magically on the problem until the job is done. We keep contact with our clients until the problem is solved.

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