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Liberation from Spirits

Contact with Other Worlds

Have you lost a valuable person? Do you feel he finds no peace? Need help with passing to the other side?We offer help with unusual phenomena. Wherever help is needed on the astral plane.

We have the ability to travel to other worlds and to other levels, where we can communicate with supernatural beings that are not normally visible, but noticeable. Contact us for a consultation.

We also offer contact with the deceased or ghosts. Very often, the decease  wish to speak again or need to tell you something important. In such situations, we can help our clients and establish contact with other worlds.

Read more about Life after Death.

Other worlds

If a person was very materialistic in their life they often can get stuck in this world. Such situations can lead to unnatural phenomena. In these cases, we can help lead the deceased into the light and explain to them what has happened. The deceased can not believe, even though their body is dead we are still alive. We can explain to them how they must behave in the other world in order to quickly come into the light. 

The dead are always here, even though they were already with God and in the light. They are here with Gods blessing to help and protect you. In time the soul evolved into a 'Guardian Angel'. Contact with the other world can help clarify who is protecting you and how you can listen to them better.

'Beyond' or 'The other side' is a very general concept. White magicians know that there are many other levels and planets, where there is life and many highly evolved beings. But, there are also many other worlds that simply have a different frequency, and thus are not visible. We can't see or feel radiation but, that doesn't that it has no effect on us.

There are a series of gods, loas, angels, elementals, demons, genies, vampires, gnomes, fairies, genies and beings on the various planetary spheres. Some of them are basically good and others bad, the majority of them are just like people. If you have encountered a being which gave you a bad feeling leave it up to us to communicate with him, and if necessary also to banish him.

Everyone has a sixth sense and can communicate with different beings, if they want and have practiced it. But, not everyone can discover and banish negative beings! Contacting other worlds provides a Mage with the opportunity to gain power and knowledge on other levels. Today there are still many "primitive cultures and peoples" that have the abilities to communicate with animals, plants, stones and astral beings. Such people can still be found in Australia, Africa and Asia.

Other world contact

Purification of the house

Liberation from negative influences and black magic

Ghosts Liberation

Do you feel uncomfortable, anxious or weak in your home or apartment? Do you not sleep well or have enough energy?

Then we can help you with cleaning you house and liberating it from negative influences and black magic. This is by smoking, prayers, magic formulas, as well as getting rid of any undesirable astral beings. In addition we can leave a long term protective force field  which protects you as well as spreads the feeling of well being. The plants will grow better as well as the children and animals will feel better. Freeing you mind and home of negative energy will help you to have a relaxing atmosphere and sustainable atmosphere in your home. Find out more about protection here.

We offer you contacting other worlds, leading the deceased into the light, cleaning your house with white magic- competently, professionally and successfully .

Other world contacts

Would you like to contact someone on the other side? Is there a ghost or spirit in your home, office, or somewhere else that is trying to contact you? These are powerful and confusing things that are not easily understood or achieved. We can help you contact these people and help you to understand what they are trying to communicate with you. You will be surprised often these messages are deeply personal and extremely strong.

You can contact us here!

We have a lot of experience with cleaning houses, as well as with liberation from negative influences and black magic in buildings and palaces.

Everything that exists in the world has consciousness, and everything is interconnected. This is the basic idea of white magic. And even in our modern world, this idea is catching on fast, or should at least - in ecology.

Our Celtic and Germanic ancestors have a very nature-loving perspective of the world. There are elves, trolls live in the woods, each spring has its mermaid, the sylph stir up in a little breeze and the gods transform themselves into animals.

Contact with other worlds and contact with spirits offer a magician the possibility to exchange knowledge, energy and informatio

How to support your deceased friends and relatives

When somebody dear passes away, grief is the important part of the acceptation of new situation. Healthy grief doesn’t paralyse you. It helps you to transform and to live better life, because you know what are the real values and that we are not here forever. Unhealthy grief paralyse you, you are stuck in the past and cannot more forward, you don’t live your life! And this grief and depression has also negative influence on person, who passed away! S/he is stucked too, cannot move forward and is bound to the material world, where s/he cannot rest, heal and evolve!!!

So, it is very important to let him/her go. S/he needs your support and love. Best way how to support him/her is speak to him/her. Tell him/her: I love you, I wish you the best, may the door to the light be opened to you. May your guide/helper takes you to the place of light, healing and joy! You can also lit a white candle, put there the photograph of the dear one and pray for her/him. If you feel joy and relief, it is the sign, that things are going well and your beloved has found the way to the light.

Passing into the other life

If there is someone who is important to you on their deathbed and you want to make sure they pass quickly into the light?

The Tibetan Book of the Dead and The  Egyptian Book of the Dead describe what awaits those who die in this world, and how they should behave in order to move closer to enlightenment and God. Even after death, it is possible to move closer to God, enlightenment and peace. We can give instructions and advice on how to behave best in the other layers.

Ancestor worship

In many religions and countries people still speak with their relatives even after pronounced dead. As in other religions, Voodoo council and help from their ancestors. But why would an ancestor help an offspring? Family members are there for each other and help each other. Thus, if a family member dies and  subtle form continues to exist, then there is no reason not to speak with them or to get help from them. As a return for their assistance, sacra fices must be made and their grave kept in good condition so you can remember them more. Ancestors, although not as powerful as the angels and gods, have some knowledge and some influence over the fate.

Translated from Jenseitskontakte

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