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Protective Magic

Strong protection spells, creating of a protection wall, freedom from black magic and negative energies

We all are inseparable part of the material world. But we all live also in a spiritual world, which cannot be directly seen and perceived by our human senses. In this world, we all are interconnected and influenced by different forces and energies. This is happening in both directions- positive but also negative. Our mission in the area of protective magic lies in the elimination of the negative energy influences and re-creating balance in the lives of our clients.
Protective magic, purification from black magic, freedom from negative entities and exorcism belong to our most important services.

We liberate our clients from negative influences and we create energy protection and individual protective amulets. Talk with us!
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Do you have a suspicion of a black magic attack? Do you suddenly feel iniquitous and you don't know why? Has your physician detected a disease which came without any warning and your health is not improving? Do you have problems with sleep, nightmares or do you hear strange voices? Let us advise you and find out the source of your problems. Put your problems into the hands of professionals and contact us here! We can help everyone, but we have to emphasise that this can happen only when the client fully follows our instructions.

We all can contribute to the elimination of ignorance and evil. How? By realizing, that evil is destroyed by the growth of good.


Expulsion of Demons, Protective Magic

We were born as a human beings in order to evolve spiritually. Our task is to approach and connect to God, and to find ourselves through love, gratitude and trust. We know that we are moving closer to God, if our thoughts, words and deeds are positive or good.

But what is the reality of the most of us? 24/7 we think and focus on our selfish needs and desires, we experience fear and lack. This is a huge burden for our energetic system, our energy literally leaks away. The consequences of such a way of life are psychological problems (anxiety, depression, feeling aggressive …). If this state exceeds certain limit, these problems can lead to possession of spirits or demons. Psychology cannot offer any long term solution, only medical support in form of pills, which suppress the symptoms. We are a complex bio- energetic beings, which are connected to the God through our soul. The soul is a portal to a spiritual world. We cannot fix a car, when we ignore the engine. In the similar way, we cannot heal a human being, when we ignore the soul and invisible energy structure.

We all follow some basic standards of hygiene, we brush our teeth and have a shower daily. In the same way, we need to take care of our bio-energetic body. This can be done through daily meditation, prayer, reading spiritual books or listening to spiritual audiobooks. In order to keep ourselves mentally healthy in these insane times, we need to meditate daily at least 20 minutes and to read positive or spiritual books for approximately a 30 minutes!
What to read? Take an inspiration among these authors: Neale Donald Walsch, Eckhart Tolle, Don Miguel Ruiz, Katie Byron, Dan Millman, Anastasia Novykh or Robin Sharma….. We should focus on reading things, which help us to eliminate disharmony. It is necessary to understand, what we currently need. For example, women are more interested in spirituality, which can help to harmonize relationships or communication. Men are more interested in practical ways, how to cross personal borders and to achieve something or to become more successful. Don’t start with deep books like AllatRa or Initiation, you will not understand it correctly and it will discourage you. Start with books from authors mentioned above, or the book Sensei of Shambala… and slowly increase the difficulty of the concepts discussed in books you read. You need to take into consideration also your religious beliefs and intelligence, books from a professor David D. Burns or AllatRa Physics are a good start for educated and intelligent people, but very demotivating for people with basic education with no special interest in reading. People with a big issues like depression, demonic possession or psychical problems, are not able to focus properly. For those people is huge help listening to audiobooks. One can just easily start to listen to it or watch some videos with Igor Michailovic Danilov. One can watch all some positive movies, here is some inspiration: https://www.white-magic-love-spells.info/movies.html
You don’t need to understand everything, just watch it or listen, your subconscious mind records everything and that is what matters!

The most important reason, why someone with possession or psychical problems should read the books is, that information from books has to be implemented into everyday life. A change in thinking and acting should follow! At the moment of an attack from the side of negative powers, one should stay calm and listen to positive audiobook. For people who has problems with sleep can be listening to audiobook a way, how to fall asleep. One should put on headphones and listen audiobook with very silent volume. The flow of thoughts will slow down and attention will be caught on positive frequencies. This way, one will be able to relax and therefore to fall asleep. If you want to listen audio on your smartphone, switch it to airplane mode and turn off your WiFi. You need to download the books into the device. MP3’s of Igor Michajlovic or Satja Sai Baba (you can download it directly from YouTube as .mp3 through Televzr) are stronger than others, because these men are incarnations. Use these videos or audios only if you have a positive attitude towards them! What you send to them, will return back in bigger power. In a positive but also negative sense. If you have doubts or negative feelings, do not think about them. Then, it is better to start with authors like Don Miguel Ruiz, Barbara De Angelis, Lorna Byrne, and then, when we feel more peace and stability, we can continue with deeper topics and books.

From our experience with hundreds of clients, this way work for getting rid of negativities of any kind the best! It is because the strong and true information from the spiritual world transforms into the energy and this energy blocks the negative energy, negative thoughts and/or demons.
At the same time, it is essential to eat healthy. We can recommend to read the works of a russian professor Ivan Pavlovich Neumyvakin and Anthony William. If you will follow the recommendations, your energy field will recover faster and the problems disappear. It is important to do this together with meditation and reading of spiritual books or watching spiritual videos. If you will just eat healthier, demons will enjoy more energy and things will not improve! If you will ignore recommendations for health, the recovery will take longer time. Every virus or bacteria exists as an information. If you fill your consciousness with positive information, the information of virus or bacteria cannot resonate with that and cannot develop further and it will be suppressed. The great support mentioned in the book of Dr. Ivan Neumyvakin is to use peroxide and soda. Read the instructions and follow them strictly. For people who suffer from psychological problems or possession from dark energies, we strongly recommend to use the supplements mentioned in the book Medical Medium from Anthony William in chapters 13 and 14.
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It is also important to be aware, how you spend your free time, what activities are you focusing on. And what is your structure of believes and priorities. Movies, music and games filled with aggression, violence or sex are harmful for your energy field. One should switch into positive things, like personal development or some sport. Physical activity or daily long walks increase the energy in a significant way. Increasing of your education or skills is making you more powerful too. You can for example choose a course on https://www.udemy.com, or you can learn new language or start with yoga. Everything is influencing us in a good way or a bad way. For example a music you listen to. Death metal or dark lyrics are weakening the energy system. Indian or European classical music on the contrary helps to restore the aura or energy. Read more about the topic Allat: conversion to rhythm, hearable frequency and light https://www.biela-magia.eu/assets/allat-pocut-vidiet-rytmus.pdf. Or read books (Heilsame Frequenzen) and Nada Brahma.

Right desires and choices are crucial for our harmonious life! Egoistic desires lead to an inner tension and energy loose. The energy loose leads to psychological and physical problems and these cause autoimmune diseases. One needs to understand his or her desires and goals, then one can solve also the above mentioned problems. For example. Someone wants a car. If the intention behind is to increase one’s status or to have it because others already have it, or to have it because otherwise I am no one….. then, such a desire is a problem. The desire can be also different, like to have a child or a house…. But if the intention creates stress, then it influences the energy system in a negative way. But if you know, that you don’t need anything to be happy (or you just need to feel the connection to your inner self/God), then, desires do not create any problems. It’s important to perceive our desires as ,,tendencies or preferences”, which are not necessarily needed! I wish for everything! I do not need anything! For example, I want a chocolate ice cream, but it could be also vanilla ice cream…. Or, I want to have a good partner. But I can be also alone. We need to know, what we want and why. When we are looking for an answer, we can be surprised about real motive or intention behind, very often we realize, that in fact we need something completely different. For example, we don’t need that new car, we need to increase our self-value. And this can be achieve by working for others selflessly. Or we don’t need to fill our inner emptiness with another child, but it would be more effective to increase self-love and to fulfil our art ambitions…

We should avoid an extreme believes or behaviours. We can understand, how to live in a balance, when we understand the essence of these twelve sets of opposites (more explained in the book Initiation by Elizabeth Haich):
  • talking- keeping silent
  • receptivity -resistance to influence
  • obeying- ruling
  • humility- self confidence
  • lightning- like speed- circumspection
  • accepting everything- ability to differentiate
  • caution- courage

  • to possess nothing- to command everything
  • ability to fight- peace
  • to have no ties- loyalty
  • contempt for death- regard for life
  • indifference- love

Extreme beliefs mean too much or too less of something. The mastery is not to see something as black or white, but to understand, what, where, how and in what amount we should keep or use, in order to achieve positive result. For example, honey is healthy. But it can be dangerous for people with allergy or diabetes. Or a snake venom, which is poisonous, can be used in small amounts as a medicine.
Next area we want to focus on, is sex. If someone makes sex his or her priority and focuses on that too much, she or he can be possessed by demons. The same can happen, if someone denies sexual energy and suppress his or her needs too much. Sexual energy is the most powerful energy in the body and can give great power, this knowledge is used by white magicians. But if certain practices are done by selfish or egocentric people full of passions who want to have power over others, it will not bring desired results. More about this topic can be found in books from David Snarch and Elisabeth Haiphong.
The same applies to food. Too much food as well as extreme fasting, will cause problems and will lead to disease.
The best what we can do is to take responsibility for ourselves, mind our own business and don’t look at others to judge their actions. People, who are able to switch fast into healthy diet (books of Anthony William, Neumyvakin…) to listen every day to positive spiritual books and observe critically their actions and behaviours, are able to regenerate very quickly. Do not search excuses, why it is not possible for you to change things. All excuses are lies, and you are very capable to change and improve your life! If you are not able to change something with your effort, help from outside like energy transfers, rituals or healing in a pyramid will be effective just for a short time and then, the situation will return back!
Possession is a specific situation, where the existence of a weak point in the energy body is required. This weak point can be developed in a longer time, or suddenly, by some serious accident, serious disease, death of someone close, strong medicaments, alcohol, drugs, intense stress situation. The weak point can be developed in a long period of time, by negative thinking, bad emotions, unhealthy eating habits, criticising of people around, denying God, lack of sleep etc.… If someone spiritual progress comes to deeper and serious extent, the System (Matrix, Satan…) finds his or her weak point in order to stop this person in his or her spiritual journey. In this case, physical problems can occur not as a result of bad habits, but as a test. For example, read in the Bible a story about Job. If a person continues on his or her journey despite such a bad situation, the System will try another way, for example It will give him or her money, fame, power or something this person dearly desires. And it is another test, how this person will use this power. Read more in the books by Anastasia Novykh.

Exorcism means the expulsion of demons and other negative powers from people, but also from plants and animals. A demon can dwell deeply in the energy centres of a man. Then it manifests itself as other voices, aggression, pain or diseases. In such situations it is necessary to use exorcism, which gets rid of negative entities in the underworld. Furthermore it is vital to build a protective wall, so that such vampires cannot return. Exorcism is very energy-demanding work. Very often is need also some sacrifice in order to attract demon's attention. While the demon feasts on the sacrifice, one has to build strong energy wall around the client so that demon cannot return back to the client's energy system.

Then, the client him/herself has to make his/her energy field stronger. This is achieved through meditations, rituals and energy transfers. We recommend not to drink alcohol for several months and not to practice any extreme things, which could weaken the energy field or immune system. We recommend to commit fully to train own mind to be focused on positive an good things like love, gratitude and stillness. This is the best protection against negativity, because where is the light, cannot be the darkness!

People affected by black magic tend to be depressive. Besides magic we recommend to read the book from Dr. David Burns: Feeling Good, The New Mood Therapy.

People who were attacked by magic or took drugs have to be careful, because demon can return when is their body weak. We recommend to go regularly to church, read spiritual books and to meditate. Here you can read more about your protection.

exorcism protection

No Demon will leave his victim voluntarily, that's why we have to make during exorcism contact with him and we have to force him to leave.

Do you feel like someone has put a curse on you? Do you feel overwhelmed by something negative? We can help you to liberate from negative forces and black magic.

In order to protect him/herself, one should follow some important principles. Magician follows them during his/her whole life:

  • do not eat/drink things, which make your energy weak (alcohol, drugs, strong pills etc)
  • do not allow your mind to focus on negative thoughts and emotions
  • do not occupy your mind with some extreme opinions or beliefs
  • make a salt bath (bath your feet/face with salt water, or, bath your whole body in salt water with approx. 2 kg of salt for 15 minutes)
  • meditate regularly (at least once a day, better two times a day) with a white candle
  • pray regularly to God Almighty, or, if you do not believe in God, pray to a Life force or Universal power, which created you and everything
  • read positive spiritual books, which help your mind to focus on positive things.

In addition, we also recommend to protect against negative energies in this way:

1. Create for your home or office four mirrors with a text written by marker on the surface of the mirrors:
"May all arrows, which were shot agains me, return back to their sender. May his/her bow is broken."
Place these mirrors on windows to all four directions (east, north, west and south) with the text being turned outside.

2. Place above the entrance door some magical protection sign (cross, pentagram etc.). Magician would load this subject with protective energy or s/he will create an astral being with the special task to protect the entrance.

3. Create/buy some protective magical amulet (the best is one, which carries inside special astral being for protection) and carry it with you all the time.

People do not realize, how powerful is the attention of a human being. The attention and focus is energy, and the entities from the astral world know this. So, they want people's attention, because it is their food! Negative entities eat your negative emotions, so they provoke you to think in a negative way. Be aware, that the most effective and powerful protection against negative powers is vibrating on positive feelings, to have positive thoughts, being grateful , loving and calm. So, focus all your effort on this. Where is the light, cannot be the darkness. That is the universal law!

Protective Magic

White Magic & Black Magic

Magic is a neutral tool. In the hands of people it can be used for good or for bad. What is crucial is the motivation of the mage and the client. Magic is a tool like atomic energy. It can give us light, but when it is misused, it can be destructive.

There is also 'fully-aware' black or white magic. A Mage of black magic is selling his soul to devil. And therefore a black mage after his/her death has to serve the devil. As a reciprocal, he has during his/her life some powers, which he/she can use for his/her egoistical goals.

Such people have to serve after their death and it is almost impossible for their souls to incarnate again. Most of these people are very materialistic, they don't believe in soul or next incarnations and that's why they get caught into a trap. In the end the realize the errors of their ways and will try at anything to undo such contracts. Although, in most cases it is not possible to save the soul. Salvation can only be granted by the grand master of white magic and the black mage has to be fully cooperative; however, in most cases this is not possible. People become trapped in their routines of everyday life and sometimes find these traps inescapable.

mages exorcism

Black magical attack cannot be underestimated. We recommend all people to find professional magical help. Such things can be very serious and can ruins one's health or whole life.

Read more about what is White Magic

Protective magic

Recover Your Aura

Around gross material body of every human being, there is an aura, a magnetic field. Aura of normal healthy human being is strong enough to protect against negative influences and entities. Diseases, stress, drugs or negative emotions can harm the aura and through the "holes" in aura. Such weakened aura cannot protect anymore and negative entities can very easily infiltrate inside. To a certain degree, everyone can recover his/her aura. This is possible with the help of proper and natural nutrition, adequate body and spiritual exercise. It includes reading of various holy books like: bible, Ramajana, Bhagavad Gita, Buddhist works (for example - In the tracks of Buddha), I Ching and many others. All religions come from one source and that's why one can find lots of wisdom in many religions. But it should be said, that every religion also includes many half-truths and one has to hear his/her feelings to recognize truth from untruth. To strengthen one's aura regular meditation and prayers are needed.

We can relieve demons, blocks and maledictions from you. With the help of divine power we are able to place protective wall around you. Such protective walls will help you to live sustainable, confident and healthy life.

Protective magic provides the aura with a stronger protective wall compared to the protection of normal healthy people. The Protection lasts many years and the client will not be interfered with by any negativities for decades. It means that the client can experience more unexpected positivity and this will lead to more balance and harmony in ones life. So the protective magic is a very worthwhile service for everyone.

Here you can find protective spells and read more about Aura.

Protective Magic

Protective amulets

We are able to create amulets with magical powers suffused with energy that will protect you and will keep demons and spiritual junk away!
Such an amulet gives its holder inner power, confidence and trust during the tough times.

We can offer you the protective amulets of two kinds:


1. For people, who feel lack of energy or preparing themselves for some difficult action and need energy support, we offer protective amulets loaded with power and protection. The price for such amulet is 100 Euro. An amulet will be loaded with powers for 7 days.

2. For people who are under the influence of black magic or some big negativity, we offer extra strong amulet, which is loaded individually according to special needs of the client. The price of this amulet is 350 euro. An amulet will be loaded with powers for 28 days.

You can contact us here and have free phone conversation or you can send us e-mail. We can purchase for you a suitable protective amulet and we can charge it with magical powers. We are able to choose an amulet from a big range depending on the circumstances and the demands of the client. But we can also transform some suitable jewellery, you already have and/or you like, into a protective amulet as well. Protective amulets can be charged not only with will power or healing power, but we can also arrange for a certain time that inside the amulet will dwell some positive being or angel and it will give you power and protection. You will receive with such an amulet more power, confidence and success.

Every mage needs for his day-to day routine a protective amulet and he/she needs also some special amulets for rituals and evocation of spirits and deities. Protective amulets for healthy sleep are also very important, because we cannot protect ourselves purposely while sleeping. You can read more about protective amulets here.

Psalm 23


The Lord is my shepherd,
I shall not want;
He makes me lie down in green pastures.
He leads me beside still waters;
He restores my soul.
He leads me in paths of righteousness
for His name's sake.
Even though I walk through the valley
of the shadow of death,
I fear no evil;
for You are with me;
Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life;
and I shall dwell in the house of the
Lord forever.

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