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Spiritual Life Coaching and Meditation guidance

Every human being has a huge potential. It is because inside every living person resides the soul, which is eternal, immortal and absolutely wise. We all have great abilities and powers, which are not manifested yet….waiting for being awakened. Inside of us, there are beautiful visions, dreams and desires, which want to be realised and experienced. Our souls whisper us powerful stories, which need to be lived. Let all of them to come to the surface, give meaning to your life and brighten lives of people around you!

We believe, that every human being has right to live happy and satisfying life. Every human being has right to love and be loved by other fellow human beings.

We all want to be happy and loved. But we should not wait, till these things come into our lives. We should be active and attract all these blessings into our life by our commitment and work. Sometimes, people are not able to achieve their deep and precious desires, even when they wish it dearly and they don't know why. We believe, that there are certain inner barriers, blocks or "knots", which doesn't allow us to move forward. These barriers are our thinking patterns, way of behaviour, opinions about ourselves and world around us, our experiences and beliefs. In order to make our way clear, we have to dissolve those barriers, which spoil our life and find better way, how to live.

Do you want to dissolve your inner barriers? Do you feel stuck? Do you want to improve yourself and become stronger and happier? Our service Spiritual life coaching and counselling is focused on achieving of your personal desires and goals with the help of progressive spiritual techniques, modern knowledge of psychology and help of magic. It will help you to increase your self- confidence, motivation, personal power, it will support your personal decision making and also help to find the right direction and answers.

How does the Spiritual Life Coaching look like?

Spiritual coaching is for all people who like to improve their inner/spiritual power. This coaching goes deep, inside the world of our unconsciousness, our values, our meaning. It touches the areas such as searching for the meaning of life, knowing one's own limits and crossing them, searching for inner power and resources, for power to live our life fully, to the highest potential. The process of spiritual coaching has several steps:
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Client contacts us by email, send his/her photo and brief description of his problem/situation. Client also writes us, what does s/he want to achieve.
We arrange first consultation, which is free of charge. Next consultations are already charged.
The frequency of consultations is once a week. Client can decide, how long consultation period does s/he want. From our experience is one month period too short, but client can estimate, if s/he feels better than before and if it has meaning.
Three months is period long enough to experience positive changes in life. There is no ideal period. The length of counselling depends on the difficulty of the problem, personality of the client and the barriers, which should be dissolved.
The price for one month of counselling is 100 euro.
Spiritual strength

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Some people believe that meditation is an escape from our lives, painful feelings or "real world". In reality is meditation the exact opposite. Meditation means to step out from the noisy confusion of the projected world and of ourselves for the simple and quiet clarity of the here and now. Meditation is to stop and face up to reality. In meditation, we explore our minds openly and honestly without denying anything.

Meditation Seminars

Meditation and Stress Management

During last century, mankind has achieved extraordinary progress in the areas of technology and economy . But in the world, there are more and more unhappy, sick and stressed out people. Burnout syndrome, anorexia and many others psychosomatic diseases are the plague of modern civilization. Modern people are consumed by alcohol and drugs, because they are unhappy and stressed. Top managers work under great pressure and that's why they often cannot sleep. So they start to eat sleeping pills which makes the problem even worse.

Is this also your problem? Or do you feel that something in your life is missing? Do you need to get back on track?

Meditation Seminars

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We offer meditation seminars and stress management seminars for managers, top athletes and also for all seekers of the light. Managers and top athletes can expect to gain considerable improvement in their performances from our meetings. This is because their inner powers will be awakened. Everybody can grow into his/her full potential. This is achieved, when one finds his/her own destiny and inner peace.

Meditation seminars and stress management seminars are taking place at different locations according to the requirements of our clients. The price of a seminar depends on the length, number of participants and location. Contact us for more information.

Whatever are you looking for, at the end you will find it within yourself.

Meditation Seminars

Meditation seminars and stress management seminars are created according to the needs of participants. But the agenda of seminars is generally as follows:

  • Why should one to meditate?
  • Basics of meditation, affirmations and mantras.
  • Meditation in day-to-day life.
  • The Law of Resonance and its effect on our life. How can I use the law for myself?
  • Handling Energy. We will give the answers to these questions: How can I charge myself? How can I keep my energy up during whole day so that I'm not exhausted in the evening?
  • Stress management for managers, athletes and anyone else who works under great pressure.
  • Positive and negative feelings. How can I master my feelings and thoughts?
  • Proper breathing – various breathing techniques and their effects.
  • Proper nutrition. Basics and a deeper understanding of nutrition, plants and water.
  • Proper motion for health and vitality in modern life. Dynamics, Yoga, endurance and fitness exercise.
  • Deeper levels of meditation. Who are we? Simple white magic and rituals for everyday life.
Spiritual balance

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At the end of seminar, we have a consultation with every participant individually, where we prepare an individual program concerning meditation, energy blocks and health for everyone. We also recommend some books and good music for deepening of the meditation.
Do you want to change your life but you don't know how to do that? We offer you to be your life- coach. We will guide you and teach you many useful meditation and spiritual techniques which pushes your life in positive direction towards harmony and happiness.

Stress management seminars

Why are we so stressed?

Our meditation, stress management courses and seminars are suitable not only for big companies, but also for individuals and small groups. Our spiritual life coaching can help you to become more balanced, healthier and happier. There is always a way into the Light!

Our situation is either out of control and it makes no sense to worry about a thing, or we have our situation under control and that´s why we don´t have to worry about a thing. What is the worst thing that could happen? We die. And this will happen someday unfailingly. No matter, whether we are worried or not. Why then are we so stressed out?

Even with this knowledge people still live within a stress and worry filled world. It is not until you find you deepest self, your inner 'I' that you can truly be free. Thanks to our meditation seminars and stress management seminars, you will be able to live your life to the fullest with happiness, balance and harmony within yourself and the world around you.

Find out more about meditation here.

Almighty God! Give us the power to accept with serenity things that cannot be changed, the courage to change the things which should be changed, and the wisdom to distinguish one from the other.

Need Motivation?

Do you feel unorgainized, unmotivated, have no energy and you don't know why? This situation is often the result of our thinking patterns, beliefs and routines we live in, without realising their toxic impact on our lives. These patterns and routines can be changed and manipulated. You can have anything you want! Please contact us for a consultation.

You are not only this body, mind and feelings. You are the spirit. When you find this spirit is 'yourself' and God, you will find peace, infinity and joy.

As the farmer waters his field, as the stone cutter polishes the stone, as the carpenter axes the wood, so the wise man forms his spirit.

Peace is the master of chaos.
Thus the Master travels all day without leaving home. However splendid the views, she stays serenely in herself.

Tao Te Ching 26

Translated from Meditations-Seminare

This Meditation will lead you to inner peace and place above time and space. Enjoy your life!

This Song will help you to find joy, balance and inspiration for your day!

Who keeps searching, will find!

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