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The word Magic can be translated as "power". Love Magic is then the power to bring back love, which was lost or attract someone, who we love. Performing love spells is one of the oldest magic activity done by humans. Love Magic is about bringing back happiness, so this is that part of our work, which usually gives us the most satisfaction and joy.
There are always inner reasons, why is (or why isn't) a couple in harmony. Sometimes could happen, that despite the love between partners, harmony is missing and relationship ends. Love magic is a perfect chance to fix it. We are able to harmonise your relationship with the help of magic, Voodoo and spiritual energy. Is your relationship is trouble? There is always a way back to happiness! Contact us for consultation.
We can offer you our deep knowledge and experience. We can help you to find the reasons for disharmony in your relationship. Furthermore, we can help you to remove unbalance from your relationship. We also teach you, how to live with your partner in a satisfying and harmonious partnership.

We can help in the area of drawing potential partners together, finding true love or the reunion of partners. But we do this just for those people, whose souls and karma are interconnected. That means the connection of partners leads to more joy, balance and success of both of them.

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Are you having problems with your love life? Fights? Disharmony? Do you think about ending your relationship? Often, these problems can be fixed. All that is required is professional help from outside. We can help to repair your relationship!

Thanks to magic of love and love magic rituals your love will blossom again in a natural way.
White Magic and Voodoo

Drawing Partners Together

Removing The Barriers

When you are not able, despite of many attempts, to come together with your dream partner, our love magic could be the impulse, which helps your desire to happen. There are inner and/or outer barriers, which restrain your dream partner in coming to you. We can dissolve these barriers with the help of white magic. Our professional task is to estimate, how much spiritual energy we should transfer. The magic and magical rituals shouldn't be too strong but they also shouldn't be too weak. Our Love Magic is a process, in which we first remove barriers and blocks and then will your love desire come true in natural way. Creating balance is not a matter of one day. But this balance is something you really need for long-term happy relationship!
The main strategy of love magic is that you become more attractive in the mind of your future partner. Drawing the partners together is not just the work for magic, we need also strong cooperation with the client. When partners first meet, we need our client to be balanced, strong and attractive. And this is the area, where our clients has to work on themselves, too!! So, client works under our guidance on increasing his/her attraction. Then, it is necessary, to keep client's inner and outer well-being solid.

Reunion of Partners

The process of getting partner back

When you already are together with your dream partner, but there are some problems in your relationship, love charms and love magic can help you to restore harmony. Very often the partners have to be released from blocks which have been generated over the years of childhood and former relationships. If you are already separated, there is still chance to get back together! There are two important things, which are needed in order to get partner back successfully:

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A client communicates with us regularly, s/he is open and sincere with everything, what is connected with the task. We would like to point out here that drawing of partners together, love charms, love magic or reunion of partners cannot be done without full cooperation of the client. When the client cooperates, the dreamed-of happy union of both lovers shall happen much sooner.

Client follows our instructions closely. The basic instructions are: doing meditation according to our instructions and recommended frequency, reading recommended books with understanding. According to individual instructions, the client is asked to start with exercises (especially yoga), sometimes bath in salt water or light a particular candle during the meditation.

The time needed for achieving the dream situation depends on physical and mental blocks of both involved parties and their willingness to learn. In order to achieve the goal faster, we always recommend good cooperation during the magic rituals.

Drawing of partners together, love magic and reunion of partners are, when compared with the Black Magic liberation, the more pleasant side of the magic profession. Love is a natural state and that's why it is easy for a real Mage to accomplish such tasks.

You can find many love rituals and magic potions in the internet or books. Such rituals can help to attract attention of the other person. But they are not sufficient for long-lasting relationships. To establish such a relationship, the Mage needs to transfer a lot of spiritual energy and the client needs to change his/her model of behaviour in a positive way. For example, if somebody tends to be very jealous without any reason and constantly controls his partner, the relationship wouldn't survive for a long time. So, such people should work on themselves and should try to understand that true love does not determine conditions. In most cases such behaviour stems from poor self- confidence.

So, it is evident that drawing partners together, love charms, love magic and the reunion of partners is closely connected with deeper knowledge of hidden human thinking processes, unconsciousness and knowledge of psychology.

And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.

Love Charms and Love Magic

From problem to solution

In the area of drawing of partners together or reunion of partners, there are some reasons of partner's separation, which are always repeating. In most cases are the reasons for splitting up misunderstandings and lack of communication between partners. Both sides expect from their partner to be helpful, loving and respectful, but these three come just from one side or they are not shared at all. In the most cases, people see just their partner not doing certain things or they are very aware of partner's bad habits. They are not able to see, that problem in partnership occurs on both sides. It is like meeting of two beggars, who expect help, love and understanding from one another but neither has none of them. And both of them are disappointed.

Everyone of us can find help and have love, acceptance and understanding anytime. But we can't have it from someone else, from our partner or even from our best friend! We can find them only inside of us and in God. Who finds them inside, is no longer a beggar. Most people need attention of other people, because without it, they feel alone. But that is just an illusion. We are never alone. God and his helpers and also spirits are always with us.

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So, together with Love Magic, we need to help our clients to let things go. Let go is different from give up. To give up means to resign. Let go is to invite hidden and unknown forces and allow them to work for us. This can be sometimes pretty scary, because it is a step into the unknown. There is a big fear, that things won't be under the control and ex-partner will be lost forever! But from our experience, the opposite is the truth! In let go, we relax, release our grasp and then, we are free, energy can flow again, we can be ourselves again. When is a client able to understand this and s/he can profoundly experience this truth, s/he becomes self-confident, full of love and understanding. Thereby s/he will emanate big force of attraction, which will be noticed and unconsciously accepted by everyone.

We are unconsciously seeking something in our partner that belongs to us - our own soul. For this reason are drawing of partners together, love charms, love magic and reunion of partners often dealing with following questions: β€žWho am I? What is the aim of my life?" Every human being has the same priorities and these priorities should be completed and harmonised in a partnership.

Are there some problems in your relationship? Fights? Disharmony? Have you and your lover called it quits or are you thinking of ending the relationship? Very often these problems can be fixed and all that is required is the expertise of someone who knows how to help. We can help repair your relationship! Please call us, we are looking forward to help you.

Ethics of the Love Magic

Many times, people are scared of Magic. They think, that if they use for attracting a dream partner or getting ex-partner back Love Magic, something bad can happen to them. Or they can harm the partner they want. This fear comes from the deep rooted idea, that magic for attraction of a dream-partner or reunion of an ex-partner is manipulative or "not good". Magic is a neutral tool, like for example electricity. Electricity can make our life easier, but it can also kill. What makes difference, between good and bad use of electricity? The intention and following activity of the user!
Every white mage should follow the ethical principles, otherwise the magic s/he is performing, cannot be white and "good". How can we judge the impact of the magic? By the final result. Are both partners after reunion happy and satisfied? Are the people around them affected in a positive way? If the answer is yes, the magic was good and "ethical". Another important thing is the deep motive of the client. Why does s/he want to attract certain partner? What does s/he want to achieve? Is the client thinking only about fulfilling own desires or does s/he want to achieve harmony and satisfaction for both? If the motives of the client are selfish, magic cannot bring positive and good results!
Successful love magic is about strong focus on desired result without any doubts, positive intentions and proper sacrifices. Some magicians suggest to sacrifice something very precious or expensive, so that Gods can see, how serious we are about our desires. But are you going to be pleased with a gift, which is for no use for you and you cannot really enjoy it? This is what are you doing by offering a sacrifice of material things. What kind of a sacrifice can we then make? Gods don't care about material things. They care about what this thing symbolises. They care about our intentions, motives and emotions. The most precious sacrifice for God is your own positive transformation. Sacrifice your bad habits and weaknesses. Your effort and pain will move the worlds! Become better version of yourself, improve your personality, qualities, understanding, communication. Sacrifice, which makes world better place is very powerful!

If client's desire is pure, it is worthy for us to fight for him/her and to help to gain back his/her love! We are just an instrument of a client, which s/he uses in order to reach his/her secret desire. We can do magic, give a counsel, say our point of view, but finally it is the client who takes the responsibility for things which are happening.White magic will work for those people, whose intentions are "white", because they create more harmony, happiness and love in the world.

Follow the link to try some love spell.

Love Magic

How to attract what we want?

We would like to show you, how to attract things, on the story of two brothers, twins. These two brothers were very similar, you couldn't recognise one from another. They were always together, they even studied at the same university. One day, both of them applied for one working position. It was their dream job. First brother wanted this position desperately, so he called immediately to the company to arrange an interview. Second brother thought: "I will do my best to have this position. But if I fail now, I will succeed next time. And if the next time won't be any success, I will certainly find some better job somewhere else."
What do you think? Who will get the job? The second brother. And do you know why? The first brother's approach get him under great pressure, because he desperately wanted that job. This way, he loses his balance. He couldn't sleep properly, he was nervous, scared and his behaviour, despite his good professional qualities, was unnatural and tensed.
The second brother, went to the interview relaxed and he get the job. Why? Because he was very natural and acts without any fear.
The same principle applies also to relationships. If I want to get my partner back this week, this month, and it has to work immediately, then you will be the first brother from the story. You won't sleep well, having fear, sweating, looking unnatural. This is the big barrier in relationships. What you are scared of, that you attract. If you are scared, that you partner will leave you, your fear and behaviour will „help“ this situation to appear.
Magic needs balance, no pressure. Magic work is a kind of amplifier – love magic will amplify your desire and you will get new chance. But how can be this chance useful for you, when you go to the meeting in a sweat, stressed, exhausted... and your mind is full of „What if this happen, that happen...?…“ How can this meeting go well?? So, being with your dream partner or just chatting with him/her on Facebook, take your time, relax yourself and enjoy what is, the conversation, sharing your time with someone you want. Don't try to make him/her satisfied with yourself. It is about you. You should be satisfied with yourself. Are you ok with what you are saying, writing? Are you happy how are you behaving? If yes, you will transmit this satisfaction and happiness also to your partner. If you are full of fear, what can you transmit to your dream partner???
Joy and spontaneity are two qualities, which attract people the most. Why people like to spend their time with kids and pets?
Because kids, cats or dogs enjoy the moment here and now. A kid takes crayons, draws a picture and this makes him happy. Kid enjoys a bar of chocolate. Little girl is happy and satisfied in her game, doesn't need anything special. Kids are happy and this happiness is the same when it is sunny or it is heavy rain. Also our pets are always the same, they like us as we are, and this is really attractive! Adult's mind is very complicated, it is full of fear of losing something or worrying what other people may say.
Could this be useful for something? I don't think so.
Therefore, we have for you following counsel: Let it go!
Is is ok, if you want some partner or you want to be in his eyes nice and attractive. It is also ok to do your best and do things, so that others are also happy. Let it go means, that you let go the idea, that things have to be exactly as you say and expect.
Everyone makes mistakes. The thing is not to make mistakes, but to learn from them and improve. How many times did you fall down as a child, when you was learning how to walk? Did you say to yourself, „Oh God, I am trying so hard and nothing!“ or „I have to do in within this week!“ ?? No, this ideas are funny, because this is not the way how child behaves and thinks. It repeats things again and again till s/he learn it.
Love Magic balance

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In the relationship, it is just the same. Know yourself first. Observe things, how partner reacts to your words or behaviour. His or her world is slightly different from yours. Know partner's world and you understand your partner. If s/he feels to be understood and accepted, s/he will love you. Relax and allow yourself to make mistakes. And then, correct what was wrong, say sorry and start to do it better way. Mistakes are here for our experience, for learning.
Adapt the strategy of the second brother: "I will do my best to have this position. But if I fail now, I will succeed next time. And if the next time won't be any success, I will certainly find some better job somewhere else."This way, you would be more relaxed at your work, in your relationship or in anything else. And the space around you will be filled with more joy. Do you know for sure, for 100%, that you will be happy in that work or with that certain partner? Are you sure, that you won't be full of fear, that you may loose that job or that partner?? Because where is fear, there cannot be joy. And you already know, what can fear make with your life...

Love Spells

Asking right questions

Love charms and love magic are the most widely used rituals of a mage. Before we start drawing the partners together or reunion of partners, our client has to be quite certain of the reasons, why s/he wants the dreamed-of partner. We encourage our clients to ask certain questions and seek the sincere answers. Because to know what you want and why you want it can save you from illusion and disappointment.

Our clients ask themselves: What do I seek in my dreamed-of partner? Am I bored or just don’t want to be alone? Am I prepared not just to demand, but also to support the partnership? Do I have the same life priorities as my dreamed-of partner? Do I accept the partner just as he/she is, or do I demand some changes? What will I gain and what will my partner gain? Are there any similarities or our paths are quite different?

Asking those questions will reveal deeper motives within. Young people, who mostly use the magic rituals of drawing of partners together, love magic or reunion of partners, have to be sure about their decision. They have to be sure that their love is a pure love for whole life. We insist on that, because the properly-made love magic cannot be broken off easily.
In the area of drawing of partners together, love magic or reunion of partners, there are different strength levels of rituals. They can vary from simple love charms, voodoo rituals to strong connections via summoned deities. The strength of rituals depends on circumstances. The basic rule is always harmony and health of both partners.

If one can realise that: "We don't love, because we don't understand. We don’t understand, because we don't love." the whole situation will gain new dimension, the dimension, where things can be improved and fixed.

As it it written in a Bible:

Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour. For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow; but woe to him that is alone when he fallen, and hath not another to lift him up.

Again, if two lie together, then they have warmth; but how can one be warm alone? And if a man prevails against him that is alone, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.

Translated from Partnerzusammenführung

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