Recognize them and rule them

A work with the Elements

Mastery of the Elements & Praktical exercises

Following exercises are not meant for the beginners. It is because they work as an amplifier. Untrained person can amplify negative things and cause damage instead of improvement! You need to estimate things properly, train proper things and also to focus thoughts on positive results. Previous meditation training is to great advantage.
Every magician needs to awaken all five elements and to work with them. Magician also needs to have in balance inner energy system: channels and chakras. For this purpose, practicing vocal exercises is essential, because they support with their frequency desired element. Fire: A, Water: E, Air: I, Earth: U, Spirit-Ether: O.
To be aware of the strength of every element within us, we recommend to make as the first step the spiritual exercise called „the black & white mirrors of the soul “. It can be found in the book from Franz Barton: Initiation into Hermetics. This way, we will be aware, which element needs to strengthen and so we can start needed exercises. You will find the vocal exercises below.

In mirror exercise, we are looking for every positive and negative character feature we have, we estimate, how strong it is within us and to which element it belongs. Many diseases are the result of unbalance between activity and passivity.
For example, an active manager, should sing as the mantra the vocal U (or hear it inside), in order to support the element of earth, which calms him down. An unemployed person, who has already resigned and doesn't feel to do anything, should sing as the mantra the vocal A (or hear it inside), so that the element of fire makes him more active.
Mantras in certain tunes can also help to clean chakras. There is one important rule: in order to improve some quality, we exercise by waxing moon. In order to get rid of certain feature, we exercise by waning moon.

Do you want to support your spiritual development?
Do you want to understand in more detail your life and who you are?
Do you feel that something in your life is missing?
Do you feel empty and your life has no meaning?
Do you need to understand your life and find your balance?

List of seven basic Chakras,

their elements and tunes

First/Root Chakra Muladhara
It is located at the base of the spine, the pelvic floor. Frequency: tone D. The vocal mantra is U, the element of the earth. The colour is red. The mantra should be repeated four times, or the multiple of 4 (for example 3 x 4). It is because this chakra has four petals (sub-plexuses).

Second Chakra Svadhistana
It is located above the pubic bone, just below the navel. Frequency: tone A – it is the first tone and the pitch pipe is also tuned on A. The vocal mantra is A, element is the fire. Fire element was created as the first elements, therefore, there is a basic tone A and also mantra A. The colour is orange. The mantra should be repeated six times or the multiple of 6 ( for example 3 x 6), It is because this chakra has four petals (sub-plexuses).

Third Chakra Nabhi/Manipura
It is located in the area of the solar plexus, above the navel. Frequency: tone H, the vocal mantra is E, the element of the water, the colour is yellow. The mantra should be repeated ten times or the multiple of 10 ( for example 3 x 10), It is because this chakra has ten petals (sub-plexuses).

Fourth Chakra Anahat
It is located in the region of the heart, in the centre of the chest. Frequency: tone C, the vocal mantra is I, the element of the air, the colour is green. The mantra should be repeated twelve times or the multiple of 12 ( for example 3 x 12), It is because this chakra has twelve petals (sub-plexuses).

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Fifth Chakra Vishuddhi
It is located in in the area of throat. Frequency: tone E, the vocal mantra is O(=U+A), the element of ether, the colour is sky blue. The mantra should be repeated sixteen times or the multiple of 16 ( for example 3 x 16), It is because this chakra has sixteen petals (sub-plexuses).

Sixth/ Third Eye Chakra Ajna
It is located on the forehead, between the eyebrows. Frequency: tone F, the vocal mantra is Ham Ksham, the colour is indigo (dark blue). The mantra should be repeated two times or the multiple of 2 ( for example 2 x 2), It is because this chakra has two petals (sub-plexuses).

Seventh Chakra Sahasrara/The Crown Chakra
It is located at the crown of the head. Frequency: tone G, the vocal mantra is OM (combination of A and U), element is ether, the colour is violet. The mantra should be repeated thousand times, because this chakra has1000 petals (sub-plexuses). As the 1000 times of repetition is too much, it can be repeated 108 times instead (or the multiple of 108).
The number 108 is special, because when energy Kundalini flows from the triangular bone Sacrum, or sacred bone through all chakras up to the crown chakra, it has 108 powers/springs, therefore, the mantras for Sahasrara are repeated 108-times. For modern people is sometimes too much to repeat also 108 times, so, we recommend to do it at least 21 times.

Every Chakra has certain number of sub-centres or petals (for example Sahasrara has 1000 petals, Ajna has 2 petals.). Therefore it is necessary to sing the mantras as a multiple of that number.

In addition, you can take into consideration also the time of the year and the current sun position in the zodiac. This way, you can effectively improve with your exercises specific qualities and elements. In this case, you should concentrate on one element the whole sun cycle: one month (or 28 days).

12 Zodiac signs, their elements and qualities

  • Aries: element of the fire: action, power
  • Taurus: element of the earth: to accumulate power, reserves, nutrition
  • Gemini: element of the air: to collect information, to find out new things
  • Cancer: element of the water: to process experiences, feedback, to find a right path
  • Leo: element of the fire: to build, to achieve, to create, to manage and rule, to attract others around us
  • Virgo: element of the earth: to collect, to nourish others
  • Libra: element of the air: to make a right choice, to get rid of old and useless things
  • Scorpio: element of the water: to kill the ego, to move to next level
  • Sagittarius: element of the fire: to teach others, to lead
  • Capricorn: element of the earth: to survive in all situations, to help others to survive
  • Aquarius: element of the air: to cross the borders and learn new things, to gain a new perspective
  • Pisces: element of the water: to find deeper meaning, To make unconscious conscious, to gain new/deeper knowledge

Znamenia zverokruhu

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Sun ☀️ in the zodiac signs

Aries ♈️ (21.3. – 20.4.) – this sign is the best time for starting activities. For example to start writing a book, to start business, education, regular meditation. It is good time to find out, which things bring me energy? And to get this energy as much as possible. We can pay attention on how do we breathe. What do we eat and drink? How do we think? What do we do for our body? What energy brings to us our job or business? This sign gives energy. Energy of the beginning. So, when you want to start some new project, this period is the best and it will bring best results.

Taurus ♉️ (21.4. – 20.5.) –Taurus is good time to accumulate energy. That means, to save some money, not to throw things away without thinking. And the knowledge about things, which gives or takes us energy (we realised in Aries), should be implemented into practice. For example, when we are too serious and depressed, we should work on being more relaxed, to smile more. So, in Taurus, we try to gather energy. In this period, it is useful to start with building of a house, to concentrate on the areas, where money can be spared, to buy a car or to start with healthy eating habits.

Gemini ♊️ (21.5. – 20.6.) – Gemini is perfect time for intellectual development. That means, it is good to travel, to read something new (if you practice magic and you never try magical voodoo ritual, it is good time to do so, or people, who never meditate, could try meditation), to start with learning a new language. The most important activity in this period is to open yourself to new possibilities and perspectives.

Cancer ♋️ (21.6. – 22.7.) – Cancer is time to work with your own emotions. That means, to focus on where do our emotions come from? What is their meaning for us? During this time, we are able to analyse our feelings better and deeper than in another time of the year. For example: Why do I love this man? Or why do I hate that person? Why I don't like to do certain things? During this time, you can get clear answer and gain more inner strength and stability.

Leo ♌️ (23.7. – 22.8.) – in Leo, it is good to start to use knowledge from previous signs for others. If you want to achieve something great in your life, this time is good to gather people you need for achieving your goal. In Leo, it is easier to find out: – What in my life can be automated, delegated, better controlled? It is not meant just for some boss in a company. Woman can use this time to find out, what in our household can be changed, in order to have more time for myself? What can I demand from my kids, so that I can have more time for my own issues?

Virgo ♍️ (23.8. – 22.9.) – this sign takes care of ourselves and also others. It is not only the care on the material level like in the Taurus, but it is the care on spiritual and psychical level. It is the second sign, where we can accumulate our energy, but it is necessary to understand also this: „I am in everything and everything is in me!“ That means, if I give something to others, it will come back to me. What do I want in my life and I don't have it yet? I can, despite of this, help someone else to gain it.

Libra ♎️ (23.9. – 22.10.) – this period is good time for right decisions. It helps us to get rid of unnecessary, useless things. During this period, we can reflect, what we have experienced and done , and also what the others experienced and done, and this helps us to take the right decision for the future.

Scorpio ♏️ (23.10. – 22.11.) – this is the sign of transformation. This is the best time for mystical experiences and meeting with other worlds, time to pre-programme our own unconsciousness. It is the best time to know oneself as a spirit.

Sagittarius ♐️ (23.11. – 21.12.) – in this sign, it is important to pay forward all knowledge we gained in Scorpio. When we for example experience, that we are the soul, we should put this knowledge into practice. That means, we should implement it and change our behaviour. The best way how to implement it is to teach someone else. If we teach someone else, we have to formulate things effectively, understand them correctly and this brings us the highest reward.

Capricorn ♑️ (22.12. – 20.1.) – spiritual people are flexible and they need minimum for their living. It is good fasting time, time for introspection, where we lost our energy and which things in our life are useless and meaningless. It is good time to reduce our work and focus only on important things. We can decide, what we are going to do in order to stop all meaningless activities, things and patterns.

Aquarius ♒️ (21.1. – 19.2.) – in this sign we cross our borders. It gives us new perspectives. It is good time to know new people, adapt new ways of thinking and acting. Or at least, to understand them and use them. We should overcome our own psychical and physical limits. It is also time for traveling.

Pisces ♓️ (20.2. – 20.3.) – in this sign, we should ask a question: Why? And why? Why? …Why do we think this way? Why do we do what we do? Why are things as they are? Another good questions during this period are:Why am I with this partner? Why do I want to be rich? When we find answers to our „why“, we can start to act in new cycle, in Aries. Because, if we know, why, we know what to do.

Zodiac signs in Love Magic❣️

What a Mage focuses on, when the sun enters the certain sign of the zodiac:
Stacks Image 1444018
In Aries we give a client impulse to do what needs to be done. We create a sparkle. We often hear people to say“He has a sparkle in his eyes.“ This is exactly, what we can transfer to our client during this time with magic rituals.
Stacks Image 1444019
In Taurus we lead our clients to accumulate energy, for example in form of improvement one's financial situation. This leads to inner security. Rich people are attractive. And this can be supported in this sign. We perform rituals for being more wealthy.
Stacks Image 1444020
In Gemini, we create opportunities for our client to expand his/her horizons. We perform rituals to make his/her view larger, because well-oriented people are more attractive (they know or experienced more than others, traveled a lot etc.).
Stacks Image 1444027
In Cancer we perform rituals for bigger psychical and spiritual balance of our client, we focus on increasing the power to understand his/her own emotions.
Stacks Image 1444030
In Leo we focus on self-confidence and leadership abilities of our client.
Stacks Image 1444033
In Virgo, we deepen the ability to be supportive, careful partner, and we take care of the health of the client and people around him/her.
Stacks Image 1444036
In Libra we deepen the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, between useful and useless.
Stacks Image 1444039
In Scorpio we teach client not to take things personally and to rise on higher spiritual level. More spirituality generates also higher power of attraction (we are speaking about spirituality as inner state of awareness, not about outer form, how many times a week is someone going to church or so…).
Stacks Image 1444042
In Sagittarius we increase the ability of self- motivation and motivation of others. We are creating a sparkle, which s/he can pass to other people.
Stacks Image 1444043
In Capricorn, we work on power and self-assertion. Client knows what s/he wants and doesn't give up. S/he works on the issue, till the result is achieved. It is needed also to get rid of unimportant things.
Stacks Image 1444048
In Aquarius we lead a client to get the higher perspective and intelligence. People with broad view, intelligence and detachment are more attractive.
Stacks Image 1444051
In Pisces we work on deepening of the client's character. One, who knows, what s/he wants and why, are interesting and attractive.

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For those people - magicians, who find the dividing into the 12 signs too complicated, there is another possibility. In every element, there are three zodiac signs and therefore it is sufficient to focus only on the certain element. That means, if is the Sun for example in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, we are focusing on the element of fire.

  • Fire - Aries, Leo & Sagittarius
  • Water - Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces
  • Air - Gemini, Libra & Aquarius
  • Earth - Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn

There are different views, when is the sun in certain zodiac sign (we recommend the application Deluxe Moon). The date, when sun enters and leaves the certain zodiac sign differs in tropical year and in sidereal year and it is different also when sun enters the certain sign. Therefore, we can divide year into 12 equal parts, or we exactly observe, when sun really enters the sign (in this case is for example sun in Scorpio only 2 weeks). The exact date, when sun enters the sign, is different every year. People, who were born at the end or at the beginning of some sign, may be confused, because they don't know, where exactly they belong.

So, we can concentrate only on the certain element:

Within the fire signs we can solve a new contact (for example in love magic) or new beginnings and first impulses.
Within the water signs we can focus on the work with our emotions (What we feel, why we feel that way?), control of our emotions. Here belongs also feeling of self-confidence and „charisma“
Within the earth signs we solve the feeling of safety, money issues, relationships within the family, accumulating the energy on all levels: physical, psychical energy.
Within the air signs we focus on exploring new things, adapting new views, broadening the horizons, relativity of all things.

„The simplest view“ is dividing the year into 12 equal parts. But many magicians want to be exact and they look at the real position of the sun in the sign, therefore, some sings last longer than others.

Vocal exercises

Important notice: Following exercises can be harmful for people, who didn't work with the five inner voices before and didn't make the spiritual exercise „the black & white mirrors of the soul “. Following exercises amplify certain type of character or energy. If we impetuously make some element, which is dominant within us, stronger, it can damage our energy. Before starting, we again recommend to read the book Initiation into Hermetics from Franz Bardon.

Vocal exercise with "A", element of the fire

We face the south direction, feet are shoulder length apart. While we are breathing in, we are extending our both arms downward and to the sides at an angle of approximately 45 degrees. While we are breathing out, we are moving our hands up to the shape of triangle, or pyramid and we are connecting them on the level of our throat (as if we are praying). We sing vocal A, on frequency of tone A. We can sing it aloud, or hear it inside and visualize the letter A. We vizualize red colour. With the next breath, we are repeating the whole cycle again (watch the video on the right side).

  • Step 1

    Step 1

  • Step 2

    Step 2

  • Step 3

    Step 3

Vocal exercise with "E", element of water

We face the west direction, feet are shoulder length apart. While we are breathing in, we are extending our both arms upward and to the sides into the chalice shape (Y shape). Palms are turned towards the body. While we are breathing out, we are moving our hands downwards and we are connecting them on the level of our throat (as if we are praying). We sing vocal E, on frequency of tone H. We can sing it aloud, or hear it inside and visualize the letter E. We vizualize blue colour. With the next breath, we are repeating the whole cycle again (watch the video on the right side).

  • Step 1

    Step 1

  • Step 2

    Step 2

  • Step 3

    Step 3

  • Step 4

    Step 4

Vocal exercise with "I", element of the air

We face the east direction, feet are together. While we are breathing in, we are rising our hands up, above the head. While we are breathing out we sing vocal I, on frequency of tone C. We can sing it aloud, or hear it inside and visualize the letter I. While we are singing, our hands are moving down. We vizualize yellow colour. With the next breath, we are repeating the whole cycle again (watch the video on the right side).

  • Step 1

    Step 1

  • Step 2

    Step 2

  • Step 3

    Step 3

  • Step 4

    Step 4

Vocal exercise with "U", element of earth

We face the north direction, feet are together. While we are breathing in, we are extending our arms horizontally, palms are opened towards the north direction. Our body has cross shape. While we are breathing out, we are moving our hands back and we are connecting them on the level of our throat (as if we are praying). We sing vocal U, on frequency of tone D. We can sing it aloud, or hear it inside and visualize the letter U. We vizualize green colour. With the next breath, we are repeating the whole cycle again (watch the video on the right side).

  • Step 1

    Step 1

  • Step 2

    Step 2

  • Step 3

    Step 3


are a symbolic or ritual gestures used especially in Indian religions. Mudras can involve the entire body, or they are performed just with the hands and/or fingers. They have some spiritual meaning and serve as an energetic seal of authenticity. They are frequently used in Hinduism and Buddhism.

Element of fire, element of water, element of air, element of earth

  • Mudra - Element of fire

    Mudra - Element of fire

  • Mudra - Element of water

    Mudra - Element of water

  • Mudra - Element of air

    Mudra - Element of air

  • Mudra - Element of earth

    Mudra - Element of earth

Mudras in lying position

Element of fire, element of water, element of air, element of earth

  • Mudra in lying position - Element of fire

    Mudra in lying position - Element of fire

  • Mudra in lying position - Element of water

    Mudra in lying position - Element of water

  • Mudra in lying position - Element of air

    Mudra in lying position - Element of air

  • Mudra in lying position - Element of earth 1

    Mudra in lying position - Element of earth 1

  • Mudra in lying position - Element of earth 2

    Mudra in lying position - Element of earth 2

Inner state, analogies and connection with Gods

White Magic & Spiritual development

Only after doing the above mentioned exercises (meditations), taking control of one's thoughts, improvement of personal diet, achieving the thoughtless awareness and balance, should come the peractical magical work and experiments with contacting entities from the other worlds.

This control and balance is needed during certain rituals, which need for being successful certain conditions, and where is also necessary to give proper conscious awareness.

For example: If you focus on what you want, the desired effect will come. If you have doubts (only hidden in unconsciousness) about the result, it will be manifested, too. Therefore, to check our thoughts and emotions before we start the ritual, is very important.

First important thing is to focus with full emotion and maximal power on success of the ritual and desired result.
Second important thing is the ability to let it go, when the ritual is over. That means, that Mage has to forget the goal and live Here and Now. In order to achieve this ability, we recommend to read books from Eckhart Tolle, for example The power of Now.

Third important thing is work with our unconsciousness and our expectations. This means, that what we await, that will finally come to us.

If we expect something to be difficult, it will be difficult. The most important thing is to focus on result: that this result will come. If we think in advance, even unconsciously through our thinking programmes and convictions, that something won't work, or it will fail, then the result will resonate with this conviction and you will experience that exact thing.

Another important thing is to call only Gods we sincerely believe in. It is not advisable to read a magical book and because it is written there, "Call Erzulie, Shiva or Maria Magdalene…", you will do it without any special relationship to them or knowledge about them. Are you attracted to these Gods and do you feel essence of their powers? If no, the ritual with these Gods won't bring any result and therefore has no meaning.

If you ask for example Venus for help and you have no link to her, nothing will happen.

How to create the connection and contact?

First task is to find within the many world religions those Gods and Goddesses, who resonate with you. You won't succeed, if you call for example the voodoo Goddess Erzulie, but you don't have any feeling for her. If you think in a way: OK, I will see, if this is going to work, I don't know…, you cannot have positive result. If you are interested in indian culture and for example in. yoga and you are familiar with the God Shiva, then, perform the ritual with this God and adapt analogies to what this God likes.

To prepare analogies means: for calling the Goddess Venus, you are going to use 7 green candles, 7 sweet red apples etc. For calling the God Shiva, you are going to use 12 black candles and you are performing the ritual for 12 days. You will use sandalwood incense and as a sacrifice pure water or coconut.

Analogiel - God Shiva

Every God and Goddess has his/her own analogies.

  1. The first step is to call/use the right power, the proper Deity, where we feel connection and attraction. Only then, we start to work out the proper analogies.
  2. In general is advisable to try to create a contact with certain Deity before the ritual. In general, it needs some time and attunement to create this connection. Our ritual will be successful, when we already have the previous contact with the Deity.
    For example: If you don't speak or even greet your neighbour and you ask him for a help, he will, of course, refuse. But if you greet him, speak with him, invite him sometimes to lunch, give him something, then, he will respond to your appeal and he will help you. The same applies to contact with Gods and Goddesses, or powers. If someone calls Erzulie for help, because she wants back her Ex, but she never contacted her before and in fact doesn't care about her, then, she cannot expect some help.
  3. Every magical training starts with the studying the elements. First we try to understand, which elements in us are weak, which are strong and then, we work on their balance. We are aware, that every personal quality or trait belongs to one of these elements.
  4. Every element has its own entities/ spirits. It is important to know them, so that connection between can be made. The advantage of working with elemental spirits is that we can imagine them easily.

Practical examples:

Ability to assert yourself strengthen the element of fire.
Being empathic strengthen the element of water.
Intelligence strengthen the element of air.
Rational thinking strengthen the element of earth.

The real contact with elemental spirits can be recognised in following way: you feel that elemental spirits have the attributes of certain element and they give you some new information about the chosen element. For example: Water element can show me, how to adapt to new situation, air spirit can speak with me about intelligence.

If you want to contact certain element, start with thinking about your personal features corresponding with this element, meditate about this element. Try to connect with this element in the evening before sleep, this time is very suitable for meditation focused on elements. Ritual with elements.

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