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Slavka stesnakova

Slavka Stresnakova

Slavka Stresnakova was born in Poprad, Slovakia in 1977. I finished my education at the University of Economics in 2001. I was working in the field of project management. I am married and I have two beautiful daughters. I am also certified coach, I specialise on the spiritual coaching. I like music, I am playing several musical instruments, composing from time to time as well. I like also water colour painting, currently I am learning, how to draw in computer. My personal purpose is to create harmony in every aspect of my life- relationships, work and also way of life.

I am dealing with meditation and spiritual development from the age of 17. First, I started yoga classes focused on meditation and spiritual awakening through subtle work with chakras and energies. Later, in order to improve my knowledge and development, I studied also other spiritual systems and religions.

At present, I am studying magic and its influence on material world under the supervision of Pavol and Marion. I've always tried to look at what I see and experience with open, scientific mind. But my experience has shown me, that it is not enough. One has to believe first, open to new things and possibilities, and then, only then, the results will come..

The power, which created us, is huge and endless. So, there are huge and endless possibilities also for us! My aim in the field of magic is not to rule this powers. To rule and overcome can just ego, which is neither endless, nor wise. My aim is to assist these powers and to support them, so that it is created more harmony, joy and light in the world .

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