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White Magic and Voodoo information:

  • Have you ended up here for the second time? Then, you have a problem. I am sure you have to be cursed and you will surely die one day! If I was you, I would start to do protection right now! If you don’t know, how to protect yourself, read this: Protective Magic.
  • Have you ended up here for the third time? Then I have a problem! Please, let me know and I will punish my lazy webmaster! I will turn him into a zombie and use him as a cheap working force in my garden!

Foto © Leonhartrizal http://www.istockphoto.com I pmalenky

  • Have you ended up here for the fourth time? Then you have to be really good hacker! Do you know what is the difference between good and bad hacker? Good hackers go to heaven, bad hackers go everywhere! And, because my friend is a bad hacker, expect this: “While you are reading this, your computer and all data are being hacked…especially your bank account details. Thank you for your money, they will be send to this orphanage in Brasil :-)…
  • Have you ended up here for the fifth time? Then, you have to be in a state close to collapse… Don’t worry, we can heal you and if you want to experience in your life happiness again, come to our meditation seminars! For more success and money, we can perform for you our money magic and we can promise you, that we don’t hack your account anymore… If you don’t have money for our rituals, you can work with the zombies of former webmasters in our meditation garden…there is enough work for everyone and our zombies are inoffensive…
  • Are you still reading? …bored?…nothing special to do??… Passivity is one of the symptoms of burnout syndrome! I am serious! And I also recommend you to start with magic rituals. It’s fun. Sometimes, as a result of wrong manipulation, you can get possessed by some demon…but don’t worry, we do several expensive exorcisms and you will be fine again! If you don’t want to try anything we offer, better return to your computer games and TV series…
zombie magic

Foto © Genestro http://www.istockphoto.com I pmalenky

Do you know that:

A day without laughter is a lost day!

If you know a good joke, please, write me. Thanks! Forever yours, still alive webmaster.

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